#8 ADSHRINK # matchurl

#8 ADSHRINK # matchurl




Adshrink pays $3.2 for Indian visitors that you convert through your shorten links. Also, you have the opportunity to earn a maximum of $7.5 from the Eastern Country.


Wait! There is something interesting for you “The user that joins this website with your referral link will receive immediately 5$ bonus“. You’ll also receive a 20% commission for the life of their earnings.


Shorten URLs and get paid ! Earn money by sharing short URLs! It's great! Adshrink provides a platform where people can make some money out of sharing their shortened URLs with other users on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter . Users can d o it as many times as they want, without restrictions . Adshrink is a website where you can get paid to shorten links. It's simple and free to use!

Adshrink pays $3.2 for Indian visitors that you convert through your shorten links. Also , you have the opportunity to earn a maximum of $7.5 from the Eastern Country . When I say «Eastern», it means people living in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines or Thailand. This way of earning is great if you're located in this region too because it multiplies your earnings !

How much does AdsHrink payout? The minimum payout threshold on Adshrink is $1, while the maximum amount to withdraw given by the company is $150 ( given via PayPal ). The minimum amount to withdraw is thus 10$!

You might be wondering how much you can earn with this platform? For each Adshrink URL shortened, the user's account will receive $0.01 . Thus the users are paid for every click that they generate on their links.

There are not just shorteners available, but also a referral system that allows all registered users to help other people sign up by introducing them through sharing their personal link. So if you help somebody else create an account and he or she gets paid, you'll get your share too !

The company pays its users by transferring money directly into their PayPal (or Payoneer) accounts . Payments are made monthly , at the end of every month .

Adshrink has a minimum age of 18 years old and does not require its users to create an account on the network. The only thing you need is a valid email address, where payouts will be sent. All you have to do is see how people click on your links, as well as try to get more clicks from other users! Once you reach 20$, Adshrink offers the possibility to receive money by check or Payoneer.

Do you want to know if ads work? Here's what we recommend: Try with 100-200$ first, which means about 200 shortened URLs shared on Facebook for example. If this works very well and it gets a lot of visitors for you , start increasing gradually your budget until you reach 200/300$ of ads daily.

Is it time to start making money with Adshrink ? First, go to the website and create a free account . You can do that by signing up or through an invitation link (if you have one) . Once your personal page is ready, you need to know how ads work on the site! To submit a URL, click «Submit URL» and write the address of the web page (you want people to visit). There's not only shorteners available but also advertisements. On those advertisements, you will see your links as well as those from other users. When someone visits those sites through your links, AdsHrink registers an ad view. It means that if 100 people complete