AdFly # Matchurl

AdFly # Matchurl


AdFly is one of the oldest and most trusted URL shortening online. What makes AdFly standout is its ability to shorten and monetize the links. Once a user visits your short URL link, he will be redirected to Adfly’s page where he has to view an ad for 5 seconds after which they can skip it and get to the real URL. You get paid for ads viewed by anyone using your link. 

The best part about MatchURL is that you simply need to copy/paste the shortened links into MatchURL platform with some personal data (aka MatchURL username). MatchURL will take care of everything else including money collection, payments, etc. MatchURL also does not keep any portion of your earnings as commission rather they pay you 100% of what they earn from your links. MatchURL is free to use and there are no hidden charges.

I have been using MatchURL for some time now and can say that Matchurl is a legit service without any bad intentions or schemes. MatchURL pays on time, every time! Matchurl also offers a variety of features including security features, detailed reports on earnings, wide range of promotional tools and much more.

MatchURL’s greatest strength is its dedicated customer support staff who have always responded quickly whenever I had an issue or question. Overall MatchURL has been a great experience for me as it allows me to manage multiple campaigns at the same time as well as being able to monitor progress from one single dashboard. MatchURL is free to use so I would certainly recommend MatchURL to anyone looking for a good URL shortener.

% MatchURL  is not only the best URL shortener service but also 100% free, with no hidden charges or commission! %

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This tutorial was made on Matchurl's blog platform which you can access here: Matchurl (blog/website). If you want some more help feel free to comment below. You can post anything related to MatchUrl like questions, new ideas or bugs for instance. Cheers! Added 30th October 2016 - Matchurl has enabled HTTPS on their blog platform. The code used in article will work fine but if you want to be 100% safe you should change the code. Matchurl blog platform (website) is now HTTPS enabled MatchURL will get shortened MatchUrL url This article was originally published on Bitcointalk:For that reason, I've created this nice tutorial for you guys so you don't have to spend your time trying to figure it out etc... Now, I could explain how to do but why not let someone***Ad

Fly is one of the oldest and most trusted URL shorteners online. It is also one of the best monetizing url shortener websites.

The interesting part about AdFly is that you get paid for ads viewed by anyone who uses your link. The number of views depends on the quality score which in turn depends on how much traffic you have brought to AdFy's website. Matchurl, being an experienced user in this field has already gained a high amount of traffic bringing its visitors to Matchurl itself, Matchurl therefore easily gets high scores allowing MatchUrl users to receive high earnings from their unique links!

If you are looking for a unique way to make money online MatchURL offers you the chance to do exactly that! Use our MatchURL platform to monetize your unique links and get paid for every ad viewed from anywhere in the world. Matchurl offers the highest revenue share compared to other similar platforms!


AdFly is one of the oldest and most trusted URL shorteners online. It is also one of the best monetizing url shortener websites.***Ad

Fly is one of the most reliable and best URL shortener that you can trust. It allows its users to shorten and monetize their links. Once you visit a link on AdFy, it will redirect you to an ad page where you have to view the ad for 5 seconds before skipping it and getting redirected to the real url of the website. You get paid for every ad viewed by others using your link.


You can also get short URL at Matchurl which you can use for free, Matchurl provide its service worldwide without any limitations of country or time span. Matchurl allow its user to shorten their URLs with top domains such as .com, .net, etc.. Matchurl has no minimum payment threshold so that new users can claim their payments as soon as possible. Matchurl also provides affiliate program for their top referrers to receive 10% of all earnings from direct referrals and 5% from indirect referrals. Matchurl is one of the best url shortener online with 100% up time, Matchurl always available for its users to shorten their URLs and get paid through PayPal or check . Matchurl guaranty a safe monetizing process without any risk involved due to our double security system where we monitor every click until it's confirmed by our user that they have viewed ads then Matchurl will process your payment. Matchurl allow you to set your own price per click but the minimum price allowed is $0.001 rate which means if clicks on your ad you will be paid per view. Matchurl also have a neat feature where you can create a random short URL address and redirect it to your long url so that you can share it without exposing your main link with anyone which will boost up the number of views on your website. Matchurl guaranty its user to receive 50% from our revenue per month as Matchurl has now become one of the largest URL Shortening service online, Matchurl now have more than 13 million users worldwide who are receiving their payments through Matchurl. In Matchurl you don't need any referral code just signup then start monetizing your links.

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