Extensive Integration  # matchurl.com

Extensive Integration # matchurl.com


URL shorteners are not new in the field of marketing. However, in this blog post we want to focus on these tools' integration with CRM tools. To set the context, let's look at some figures:

75% of companies using URL shortener services think that it has increased their referral traffic, and 69% are sure that it has boosted sales .

Shorter links improve search engine rankings by about 10% - it is also beneficial for social media marketing campaigns  says Ferdy Christant from Mobuzz.me , a company which offers its service to shorten URLs through "short buzz" technology. And since shorter links tend to be shared more often, they can generate more social signals which will be beneficial for SEO purposes. To sum up the benefits: shorter links will improve your SEO and social media presence, which can have a positive impact on conversion rates.

So if you are not already using a URL shortener tool, here is a list of tools worth considering: Mobuzz.me/ Shorten, Bitly , TinyURL  and Google's own goo.gl .

In order to be able to track link analytics across all shortened links from various sources using one central analytical platform, it might be useful to integrate your different marketing tools with the URL shortener service. Such an integration makes sense in terms of business intelligence as well since it gives you more comprehensive insights into users' traffic behaviour than just relying on reports coming out of CRM or web analytics software.

Integrating CRM with URL shorteners

Several companies have noticed that integrating URL shortening services with their CRM tools would be beneficial for their business - the idea being not only to shorten links but also to rebrand them through a company name or brand . Rebranding is advantageous because it enables you to associate shortened links with information about who has shortened it, how many times it has been clicked on, what context was used, etc. Google's goo.gl Link Maker provides users with an easy way of visualizing how people are using their links . They even provide some cool analytical insights into link traffic which you can use to improve content marketing campaigns and measure ad performance more accurately.

Bitly is another example of a company that has integrated its URL shortening service with a CRM tool. Bitly offers their Business solution which allows you to manage your link profile centrally and includes features such as real-time web analytics , deeper Google Analytics integrations, custom reports and dashboards, campaign tracking and more.

Bitly also provides an API which enables you to set up the integration of Bitly with other analytical platforms . In order to do so however you will need programming skills. In case you don't have any programming knowledge at your disposal then using online tools like Zapier is recommended from both a time and cost perspective. This "Zap" describes how it can be done:

Create New Bitly Account: You will first need to create a new account with Bitly . After signing up you will get an API key which you can use to set up the integration.

Log in to Your CRM: Next go ahead and log in to your CRM tool (e.g. SalesForce) using a web browser and click on "Setup" located under "Build."

Create A New Tab: Once inside Setup, select the option for creating a new tab and choose the generic one called "URLs."

Enter Your API Key: Enter your Bitly API Key into the field labeled URL Builder Field Source .

Add Field(s): To add more fields such as who made changes or when - this step is optional but recommended if you want full reports of all actions taken on your shortened links.

Save: To save the integration, hit the Save button and you're all set.

The Bitly integration can be used not only for CRM but also for web analytics, project management or even simple file sharing . All in all a pretty useful tool that integrates with many other online business services.

Appending The "utm" Parameter When Shrinking URLs

Now that we have covered link rebranding and source attribution there is still one thing left to mention: a good idea from anyone's book is to add an "utm" parameter to your link when sharing it over e-mail or social media channels - this information will provide more context about how users reached your site and therefore help track user engagement more accurately.

Keep in mind though, that by doing so you are not only sharing your valuable UTM data but also the entire link including its full destination (should it be an external URL). Thus if you want to retain the original destination of the shortened link then simply create a new Bitly account with read-only API permissions and use this API key to shrink URLs automatically. This way only the "utm" parameter will provide valuable insights into user behaviour without exposing anything else about your links .

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