IP Address Locator  #  MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

IP Address Locator # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


IP Address Locator is a free ip locator, ip tracker which helps you to find the IP address of any website or web page. The tool provide IP tracer and IP Address Lookup in order to trace an IP address both in real time and also get information about whois records which contain the owner's name, email id, physical address, phone number etc. 

IP Address Locator can be used by anyone for free under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. It allows users to use the data provided by the software in their own projects but have to leave this copyright notice within it which states that "Data provided by IPlocator.net".  

This way it will remain up-to-date when our site gets updated. IP Address Locator search on Google by IP address or domain name in order to find the IP address of a website/domain you need. It also provides an option to Trace, Monitor, Track, Get, Search, Find and Check any IP address instantly.

It can easily get information about whois records for a particular site which contain the owner's name, email id , physical address and phone number etc. For example it can be used to check whether your Website's Whois Information is correct or not. It also provide whois lookup service where you can use our tool directly from our website if want to perform a whois look up on any website with ease without having to enter the complete details every time. You can find the IP Address of the Website you are visiting by simply right clicking on the website and checking out which IP address is assigned to it. Our tool give you the option to Trace, Monitor, Track, Get, Search, Find and Check any IP Address instantly. It also provide information about whois records for a particular site which contain the owner's name, email id , physical address and phone number etc.

IP Address Locator gets your Public IP address automatically in real time without having to click refresh button every time when you visit our site. You can also search Google for any website/web page using its ip address or domain name so that it will show you its ip address along with other details about that site instantly.

We are planning to add some more features in it which will include major search engines IP address, geolocation information and proxy detection. We want our users to use this tool freely and we hope that the new features we will add in it will help you to browse/surf anonymously or un-block any blocked websites by just using proxy sites.

Please let us know if you have any suggestion regarding new feature(s) for this software.

Thank you & Enjoy!

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© Copyright 2018 - www.iplocator.net -- All rights reserved worldwide. Trace an IP Address anywhere in the world! Track IP Address Now! IP Locator location tool is a completely free web-based service that lets you trace any IP address conveniently without having to install anything on your PC. You can use our IP tracer tool to find the country, region, city and even the ISP for any IP address you want. Just type an IP address in box below and hit "trace my IP!" button!

IP Address Locator tracing results will show you the country location of every IP Address that you search using our geo location lookup service. Our easy-to-use tool allows to instantly get information about the owner of any website/domain name by performing Whois Lookup on them easily without leaving this site. All whois records are subject to vary depending upon domain status / registrar's policies - please verify all information before asking us why it is wrong or how your data can be modified ! The GeoIP location by our GeoIP API is only for general informational purposes. Subscribers hereby acknowledge that the site's location data may not be accurate and should use said location information at their own risk. For complete disclaimer and copyright notices please read our Terms of Service . Trace an IP Address PROS: Save time, find all relevant info about a website or its owner in one place. CON: You can't perform a specific search, only check various sites to get your results. Whois Lookup

Title: Domain Whois Searcher

Description: Check Who Owns A Domain

Works with: All Top-level Domains (TLDs) worldwide Exact match domain names supported You can also do reverseis searches if you have someone's email address (all top-level domains). You can also look up whois details for web sites that are not registered.

Description: Trace an IP Address to Geographical Location

Pricing Model: Free This tool allows you to search WHOIS information on domain names by entering the domain name or specific domain keywords. You can also use our other Whois lookup tools, including Whois Lookup, Reverse IP Lookup , Whois History and Domain Availability Checker along with this tool. First of all you have to find out who owns a particular website/domain name in order to get their contact details such as full name, company name, office address etc. If you are looking for any specific person's contact details then you should use Reverse Whois Lookup tool. There is no interface with this tool so you have to enter the domain name in the given text box and then hit "trace my ip" button in order to get all information about that specific website/domain name (website owner).

How does DomainTools work? We continuously crawl the internet in search of expired domains, which we then register for our customers. Some may ask why would anyone ever let their domain expire when it's worth money? The answer is simple: people lose interest, they forget how long their registration is valid for or they change jobs and don't inform their web hosting company. As a result, these domains become available on the aftermarket where companies like ours can pick them up for