Linkbucks #

Linkbucks #


LinkBucks is probably the highest paying URL Shortener website. It pays more than $1.2 USD . 

Furthermore, it also pays $0.5 to $7 for every 1000 views (rates may vary from nation to nation).

LinkBucks is a url shortener which allows you to shorten any link and share it anywhere on the web. Their rates are usually higher compared to other link-shortening website, so they have a lot of content producers who use their services in order to get a high paycheck for each click.

Linkbucks has a very strict policy when it comes to publishers using their services. They do not accept pornographic, warez sites or generally unsafe sites because want users who visit them will come back as it is a very clean website.

They have been operating for over 13 years and they have been paying their publishers from day one which makes them a trusted service. Linkbucks offers different options to get paid so users can choose the best way that fits their needs. They pay through PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill.

Linkbucks does not want people who are going to use bots in order to click on urls because this will lower the earnings of other publishers . It is recommended to check your stats regularly and if you see that there were unusual changes, then you should contact them immediately using their Contact Us form.

You don't need referrals or anything else to join LinkBucks . Everyone can apply by clicking here , then fill the short form and finally sign up. LinkBucks will take you to their dashboard where you can see your earnings, payments history and options for getting paid.

Links must be shorter than 16 characters so it will fit the platform. The service has a lot of nice features . You can use custom domains or subdomains but they are premium features so if you want them you should upgrade the account type.

Linkbucks is not just about link-shortening, it can also shorten content urls (this is optional) that means people who click on our shortened url will see directly the article instead of seeing a link to download it first before opening, this helps increase traffic because users don't have to wait for long downloads anymore, we can directly view the content.

Linkbucks has a chat system and we can connect with users who click on our urls by clicking on "View Referrer". We get their username and contact them easily in order to get more clicks or social media shares for our content. This feature is very helpful because we can communicate with users about any issue they have while viewing the article.

Next thing i want tell you about Linkbucks is MatchUrl, Matchurl is a feature that compares every link shortened by LinkBucks and if it founds that your url matches/matches exactly any existing one then this feature doesn't show your url instead it just shows the existing url of MatchUrl, so you'll earn money from MatchUrl website instead of your MatchUrl account. MatchURL is a website that pays 0,5 USD for every 1000 page views . MatchUrl has no restrictions in any content so it accepts everything without being filtered by LinkBucks. Match Url is used mostly by affiliate marketers to get more traffic or some people just use MatchUrls along with their own urls to increase the earnings on both Matchurl and LinkBucks accounts .

Linkbucks also has some other services like Taboola , ToutApp , Viral Content Bee , Outbrain one of which is called ZengaStory /zenga-story/ You can watch short videos (only 3 seconds) and earn money (1 cent per view) for each view , the earnings will be added to your account and can be withdrawn when reaching $2 (minimum withdraw amount is $1).

Zenga Story is not available anymore . Linkbucks has changed MatchUrl feature in order to make Zenga Story work. MatchUrl generates a link which redirects you to MatchURL website and MatchURL pays per page views, same as ZengaStory.

Linkbucks also offers banner ads which pay depending on countries and traffic sources where they are shown. They also have interstitial ads that appear after opening an article but only if user clicked our url or MatchUrl generated link.

You can use LinkBucks without spending any money and still earn money every time someone visits one of those links you shared and there are no requirements for this .

Linkbucks is a company that cares about its community and if our account got disabled we can contact them and take it back as soon as we prove that we follow the rules.

You can use LinkBucks without any risk, just follow the rules and use MatchUrl wisely in order to not break their terms of service. If your account gets disabled do not give up because Linkbucks does their best to check every case which leads us to getting our accounts enabled again.

MatchURL generates urls by MatchUrl username or MatchUrl ID, which means that it will create unique short links only for the user who created the MatchUrl account. Match Url doesn't support sub-domain or sub-folder MatchURLS so do not create MatchURLs with custom domains or subdomains if you want MatchUrl to generate links for you.

Before i forget, MatchUrl also has features to follow other MatchUrl users in order to get more views on your shortened urls. By following MatchUrl users you'll get notifications every time they post a new link which will be opened by Matchurl and thus generating money for both of your accounts.

You don't need referrals to use Linkbucks but you can refer people in order to get extra bonuses like doubling the amount that their account earns daily (only valid after 1 month since signup). If someone uses our referral link when signing up we get an extra 20%