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Links4U #



Links4U is the highest paying URL shortener website in the worldwide. Links4U is probably paying highest and fixed CPM payout rates upto $30 for every 1000 views

The best thing about Links4U is no such irritating ads like other URL shortener websites. Links4U is the highest paying URL shortener websites for India which pays $3 for every 1000 views


One can also share the Payment Proof in blogger's comment, facebook status or in any other forums, social bookmarking sites etc...

PLEASE NOTE:- Links4U has stopped paying upto 14th february 2014 . It is NOT recommended to promote them after that date and whatever may be your payment proofs (from Facebook, Facebook accounts , Instagram etc..) they will not be paid for past 14th February 2014 onwards . If anyone promoting their links after 14th february 2014, we cannot help you whatsoever. Please read our blog carefully before promoting them and promote responsibly as such didn't harm others . Happy earnings! :)

You can submit Payment Proof (Screenshot) with us, send it to - . We will update the particular URL shortener's payment proof here after post your payment proofs.

We have added a new feature on our blog called ' Payment Update '. Any user who promotes any URL Shortner website and does not want to submit their screenshot for that can share their experience through comment or facebook status etc.. This way anyone promoting a particular URL shortner website will get a chance to show others how its paying them from past 7-8 months... We at Make Money from Internet are ready to help you if something goes wrong... If you have been cheated by any of these url shortner websites or any other site violating forum policies, You can share your experience here in our comment section or Facebook status :)

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4U gives a unique oppurtunity to increase your monthly income upto $100 or more by just doing 3 simple steps.


Step1) Signup for this link shortening website using your Gmail account as this is the only way to register on Links4U as currently they are not accepting any registrations made via other email services/ id's. Please note that you must use same gmail id from where you want to make money. 

STEP2) Once registered visit the following link and click on "Add URLs " button:

The above link will open a new window in which you have to enter all the URLs of your choice related delete these URLs and click on "Cancel" button and repeat the same process until you add upto 1000 URLs in which Links4U will pay $0.20 for each URL added.

STEP3) Go to your gmail inbox and locate the message from Links4u which contains a confirmation link, please note that this message will be sent only once you have added all your URLs in step2). Now please open the mail from links4u(copy )and paste it into a new browser tab by pasting it there without changing anything. Once copied from e-mail, please close it immediately after opening in a new tab as well as the original e-mail too. We recommend not to keep them both open at a time before proceeding next step.

Now please past the confirmation link into that new browser tab which you have opened in step3) and hit enter key to verify, if your verification is successful you will see an alert box with green background like below image:

If your verification fails then it might be because of (a) by mistake you copied links4u confirmation mail in some other tab or (b) you used some automated software's for URL shortening purpose(please note that using any automated software/website for shorten URLs will definitely get your account blocked).

Please use only legitimate ways for shortener URLs like web 2 .0 websites like Tumblr , Blogspot etc.(Do not use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+)etc. If Links4U feels that you are using some suspicious software's for shorten URLs then it might get your account blocked. So please use only legitimate ways to create shortened URLs like web 2 .0 websites/software, which are considered safe by Links4U.

If the above procedure is done perfectly with no mistakes then in next few days after shortener URL creation your links4u account would start making money which you can withdraw into your PayPal or Payza account(Minimum payout threshold is $5 ). You can even make more money by promoting these shortened URLs in Social media websites Facebook , Reddit etc, etc... where Links4Us commission for per referral is upto 5%.

Few points about Links4U:

- Minimal time interval between adding