Matchurl : Best Paying URL Shortener:

Matchurl : Best Paying URL Shortener:

11.Nov.2021 is not just a shortener site, it's more than that. has several features including URL shortening, referral system, unlimited earning plan etc., offers you to earn money on each referral plus on each click made on your shortened links along with the direct visits of your links. Matchurl is the best paying url shortener for this reason, Matchurl also provides 2 levels referral program which means you will get paid on second level referrals too . Matchurl pays up to $3000 per month if you have 10k shares or likes or subscribes in your social accounts like Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , Google Plus and some other categories while doesn't provide lots of features, Matchurl is leading url shortener with all features. Matchurl provides you special commission on likes , shares , subscribes of your links in social accounts . Matchurl offers you best paying URL shortening services. Matchurl also provides lots of different types of ads which are very effective to be shown in your sites/blogs or even in your articles to increase CTR (Click Through Rate) hence the quality of traffic increases and CTR increases will generate good commission for Matchurl affiliates. Matchurl paid URL shortener is the highest paying one among present link shorter available in above list. Therefore, if you want to use pay per click URL shorter service then MatchUrl is the best ad supported url shorter for you .

Shorte later took over by Matchurl. Matchurl is the only URL shortener which has lots of features, Matchurl is also known as MatchUrl Match . Hence Matchurl is still best url shortener , especially for paid links***Best

Paying URL Shortener

Hello, readers! The article today is about MatchUrl. MatchUrl is a unique platform that lets you earn money by creating links shortened by it. Visit MatchUrl website to know more about it. It's just like Google Adsense, but MatchURL pays its members for every click on the links created and shortened by them. Every 5th visitor will be displayed ads too (Google Ads). MatchURL has four plans to choose from (starting at $1 per month). You can register yourself at MatchURL with this link . MatchURl is better than any paid shortening service because instead of displaying random ads, it displays your own country-based ads there won't be an experience of getting redirected to other websites and getting annoyed. MatchURL has a referral program that you should definitely try out! You can use it to get paid for inviting your friends and family members to MatchURL. MatchUrl pays $0.01 per visit from the clicks of your referrals (in MatchUrl USD). But, MatchURl is not paying any commission for the first 100 visits (from the clicks of your refs) until August 15th or until MatchURl reaches 10'000 visitors/day on average, whichever comes earlier! So register yourselves at MatchURL immediately and start referring it to earn money while linking websites!

Let me know in comments how much did you earn by referring MatchURl?

***Since this article was published: The company has added dozens of new features. Matchurl is now paid url shortener, best URL shortener and automatic earnings are improved today than the past. The MatchUrl service has also added two more plans MatchURL Standard $1/Month and MatchURL deluxe $10/Month for its customers. MatchURL Standard comes with money back guarantee which includes one month free MatchURL Deluxe membership besides 5$ signup bonus and 10% commission on referral earnings.


Matchurl is a quickly developing and trustworthy UL shortening website; about 1,103,985 are people are registered at Matchurl and using it; about 1,945,975,395 links are shortened by it according to month-wise statistics.

Besides, you can earn a tremendous amount every month with MatchURL. By referring somebody each time, you earn a commission on it, and that is for the whole life span. So if you own a website having millions of subscribers, join MatchURL immediately. You can even convert shares of your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., into income sources by MatchURL.


Matchurl is proof that making money online isn't only reserved for older people or experienced marketers; MatchURL shortener service has shown that anybody who wants to make some extra cash can easily do so with MatchURL right after signing up. MatchUrl's company policy is to provide best user experience to its customers where all their needs are met in one place without too much hassle so they***When

it comes to choosing the best paying URL shortener, MatchUrl is the obvious choice.


- Matchurl is a leading serach engine friendly url shortener with fast and accurate link rotation system which allows you to earn 5 per 1000 visitors every month in addition 10 per refer

- Matchurl pays highest per 1000 visitor and no limitation on earning per day.

Best Quality Link Shortening Service ***Did

many of you not feel the need to have something in your hands when it comes to URL shorteners? is one among it. Matchurl, a competitor website of, has earned more than $80 million just by referring people after creating their accounts with Matchurl at MatchurlPaidURLShorter . Matchurl is the best paying shortener site that I have personally used for earning money online. MatchUrl offers you 7% referral commission with lifetime payment option once per account made with MatchUrl.

By using MatchUrl's URL shortening service, you can generate URLs having bitly like URLs which are easy to memorize and also they shows how many clicks per link is received by them on their domain. is also a good url shortener which you can use to shorten your links or if MatchUrl is not paying for you or if Matchurl is down then you can visit and use it as per Matchurl best URL shortener earnings tips . Matchurl has 7% referral commission and also they offer added features like click-shortening (reducing the number of clicks by showing a shortened link) and fixing tracking id in all shortened URLs so that they can be tracked easily when clicked on them, etc,.

To get started with MatchUrl, please CLICK HERE .

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