Matchurl : Top Paying URL Shortener

Matchurl : Top Paying URL Shortener


On MatchURL, you can pick up some extra cash by sharing your short URLs. You just have to create URL's and post them on forums, blogs or any other platform. Matchurl is a fast and reliable link shortener that permits you to share shortened links with your family members and friends through message, email or social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc .

You can use MatchURL as a simple url shortener or as an url monetization tool:

- Upload URLs directly using MatchURL bookmarklet (for Firefox and Chrome)

- Paste URLs in MatchURL search field

When visitors click on the shortened URL at MatchURL website, they will be redirected to the destination web page of the original link. The publisher's privacy policy states that MatchURL does not store any of the user's personal data and there is no way for MatchURL to track a user back to shortened link.

The MatchURL team dedicates itself on providing quality service to both publishers as well as users. They claim MatchURL as the best paid url shortener service on the internet, because of its reliability and ease of use. Matchurl provides real time statistics about your earnings based on the number of clicks on your shortened links from MatchURL website, along with a complete report containing a number of important details like referral URL, date created etc.

You can also monetize all your outgoing links using MatchURL affiliate program which enables you to earn up to 50% revenue by referring new users. You get more than $7,000 on MatchURL affiliate program with an emphasis on high-quality performance.

MatchURL is a great example of how to provide value to both users and publishers simultaneously by providing webmasters the opportunity to monetize any link they own. MatchURL is free to use and you can create your account in just a few minutes! If you want to become Matchurl publisher, click here !


Title: How MatchUrl Works?

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Content: This article will help all those who are looking for information about MatchURL. It gives you complete information about this site from the very beginning till the end. MatchURL is a Web 2.0 company that has been working for some years now to help users shorten URLs of their choice and place them on the Internet.

This Matchurl review will give you complete information about MatchUrl or Match URL from its beginning till the very last day. MatchUrl is a business that started somewhere between 2013 and 2014 with the aim of offering people on the internet a platform where they could shorten any URL they wanted by using this link shortener service on MatchUrl website, Once they shortened it, they would be able to share it through different mediums like social media platforms, emails etc. Matchurl also claims that one can make up to five dollars per 1000 views on his/her shortened links as well. Match URL is now one of the popular paid link shortener website.

To make sure that all shortened links are safe, Matchurl has employed a security system that will not only protect the users but also Matchurl itself. Matchurl offers two different monetizing options to help you earn money on your shortened links: The first one is where you can place advertisements on the link and earn based on impression count. MatchURL also has an affiliate program where MatchURL partners with other websites and bloggers and pays them if their visitors click on the shortened URLs. MatchURL check these clicks and registers them as views to enable payment for this kind of activity.

The main motto behind MatchURL business was to offer people an alternative way of making profit online by using Matchurl service on their own sites, which will attract people who wanted to visit the websites mentioned on MatchURL shortened links. MatchURL is a free website and all you have to do in order to become a Match URL publisher is sign up here


Title: MatchUrl Review 2018 - A Powerful Tool To Monetize Any Link On The Internet

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Content from the article: Not only does Match URL allow you to monetize your links but it also helps you get started with its powerful referral system. There are two ways through which one can earn using this web service. One way is by placing ads on your links while the other way requires one to refer Match URL to other users. MatchUrl pays 50 percent of the revenue earned by you through your referral link. Matchurl also has an ad platform where you can place ads on your shortened links and earn money in return for every thousand views MatchURL website gets from its users. MatchUrl offers excellent services when it comes to increasing online visibility. Matchurl is a great affiliate marketing tool that will bring the much-needed exposure to your business venture anytime anywhere! It does not matter which kind of business you are running, Matchurl provides an incredible opportunity for publishers who opt to monetize their existing network with this cutting-edge service provider.

This article about MatchURL gives complete information about how it works, what makes it so powerful and why so many people trust MatchUrl with their link shortening and money making ventures. MatchURL is a web service provider that works on the basis of URL shortener and ad services for websites and bloggers. Matchurl pays you commission based on total number of views, clicks or impressions that your shortened links receive from its users online automatically after every two weeks.

You can also monetize your own traffic by automatically placing ads on your shortened links whenever it gets viewed by MatchUrl members irrespective of where the link is posted such as forums, social media pages etc. MatchURL website has been designed in such a way so as to allow publishers sell their own products and monetize their existing affiliate networks without any additional costs while recommending other content providers to join Matchurl and earn