Polr # Matchurl

Polr # Matchurl


Not impressed with the above-mentioned URL shorteners? Want to have your own perfect platform for shortening URLs? Well, you are in luck! We have the perfect suggestion for you, which is Polr. 

Polr is an open-source, self-hosted, and flexible yet powerful link shortener. Users can have their very own personal URL shortener with Polr. It is based on PHP and Lumen, anyone with basic technical know-how can easily set it up within minutes and customize it as desired.

Let's take a closer look at this awesome tool:


1. Custom URL


There's no limitation to the custom URLs, e.g., yourcompanyname-someshorturl. Instead, you can come up with any custom URL for your link shortener. So, if you want it to be matchurlbesturlshortener then that's okay too! Whatever you choose, it'll be pretty hard for someone else to have chosen the same name before you did. This is one of the best advantages given by Polr among its other shortening counterparts - there are no limitations set on this feature; you can make anything work .

2. Analytics Tracking

Whether or not analytics tracking is enabled actually depends on the server configuration (your host should allow this feature), but it's a nice feature that lets you check on your link stats - views, clicks, and other data.

3. Custom Domain

You can also make use of a custom domain with Polr for your shortener (in case the default doesn't suit you). For example, if your site is www.example.com and you want to host MatchURL on this address instead of http://matchurl.com/, go ahead and add MatchURL as an addon domain in MatchURL admin panel (or ask your hosting provider to add MatchURL as an addon domain for you).

4. Ads Manager

If you're planning to monetize with ads on MatchURL or any third-party service wishing to advertise on MatchURL, MatchURL has a very nice ads manager that enables you to effectively manage those ads.

5. All of MatchURL's URLs are Adsense Safe

The system is set up and configured in such a way by MatchURL (for your convenience) that none of the MatchURL short links will be blocked as "not advertiser friendly" by Google, which can happen sometimes with other link shorteners for reasons like adult content, excessive profanity, etc.

6 . No Implementation Delay Unlike many others, MatchURL does not require you (or your developer) to wait for days before implementation; it's ready to go right away after installation. So you'll start enjoying all its features soon after installation! Best part is, MatchURL supports custom Matchcode which can be anything you like, such as '?utm_source=link', '&utm_medium=' and so on.

7. Flexibility

MatchURL is not just a link shortener; it's a powerful URL management system that gives you the freedom to customize any text input field and automatically convert it into an input field for Matchcode (Matchcode is another unique MatchURL feature which we'll discuss later). Matchcode has many uses - one of them being the implementation of cost-per-click/action (CPC) campaigns, where each click triggers a different action (e.g., signup , purchase, etc.), resulting in higher ads revenue . Apart from Matchcode implementation, MatchURL is flexible enough to do much more than just serve as a link shortener. Matchcode can be used not only for click tracking but also for form submission tracking, redirecting, file downloads, and so on

8. MatchCode Matchcodes are very unique MatchURL's codes that can simplify the task of implementing advanced marketing campaigns . With Matchcodes you won't have to worry about creating links manually; just input your Matchcode instead! For example, if you want each signup of yours to automatically trigger an action (e.g., sending an email notification or creating a record), then simply use Matchcode 'SIGNUP' . Using Matchcodes will make it easy for you to track any type of campaign without repetitively writing the same code over and over again. MatchCode also eliminates the need to use any snippets or placeholders (such as %URL% or %EMAIL%) in your links for tracking.

9 . MatchScript MatchScript is MatchURL's very own script language that enables Matchcode implementation on anything you desire - which means you can make virtually anything work with Matchcode; it’s not limited to clicks! You can use MatchScript for tracking referrals, downloads, JSON API calls, form submissions/actions, AJAX submissions/actions , file uploads, etc.

10. Analytics Dashboard The analytics dashboard in MatchURL shows valuable data in an organized manner so that you can easily determine the most popular pages on MatchURL among your users, how many times MatchURL has been shared by your users on social media sites, and so on. MatchURL's analytics dashboard also shows you a list of top MatchCode matches , which enables you to make better marketing decisions . You can access MatchURL stats from any device as it is available as an HTML file (a huge advantage over such tools as bit.ly & goo.gl).

11 . GeoIP Matching

MatchURL brings the power of geo-targeting within your reach; now you can easily direct traffic to specific locations depending upon their countries or cities. Geolocating Matchcode ( Matchcode ) is very easy and relevant: just use '?geo=' instead of '?utm_source=link' . MatchURL also allows you to use MatchCode with country/city/state specificity, thus allowing you geo-target your users based on specific location. MatchURL is not only flexible but efficient in its operations too!

12. Matching Logic Matching logic is MatchURL's very own matching algorithm - no more messy if statements for implementing various marketing campaigns! Matching logic enables you to implement highly advanced algorithms and allow you to track anything from clicks to form submissions via Matchcode, hence simplifying the process of campaign tracking and making it easier than ever before. You can also add your own custom matching logic through MatchScript , which means there's no limit on what MatchScript can do for you (apart from your imagination