Best URL shortener for quick, anonymous use

Best URL shortener for quick, anonymous use


URL shorteners are a boon for busy people who live on the web. They also provide safety and security by making it harder to track your every move online. Best of all, they're free!




There are dozens if not hundreds of available URL shortening services out there, but which ones work best? We put together this list of the top 10 based on user reviews and how quickly and anonymously these tools can get your information across:



1. TinyURL is almost synonymous with "shortened link," since it's been in the game for so long (since 2002). It was acquired by Google in February 2007, after having been open source before that. Best feature: You can see a history of all your shortened links. Best for: High-traffic websites that are trying to direct traffic to other properties or pages.




2. TinyURL alternatives are the wacky WebLink and Bitly, which has a variety of different tools you can use, but it also allows users to create their own URL shortener if they're so inclined. Best feature: You can see how many times your link was clicked on in its history. Best for: Internet marketers who want detailed tracking information about their URLs.




3. Best URL shorteners for Facebook include Facebook's very own sURL, while Best URL shorteners for Twitter includes Oink!, which directs you directly to your Twitter page when you click the link rather than taking you