Shrink.Pe (Accept All Kind of Traffic) # matchurl

Shrink.Pe (Accept All Kind of Traffic) # matchurl


What is Shrink.Pe?

Shrink.Pe is a URL shortening service just like , or Google's which allows users to shorten any long link, track the number of clicks and make money from it as well as promote their own websites. In addition to this unlike most other services they also allow all kind of traffic as they have adsense integration as well along with AOL , Ask  and Bing  integration . They are also open for international traffic unlike most other high paying sites that only accept US visitors &  countries  only . 

For example someone launched a site using monetization method #5 (see below) where he targeted his visitors from US , UK and Canada  ( see screenshot below ) . The site is earning 4$ CPM per 1000 views and the user has further reduced his cost per click by promoting his blog using Bing and Ask integration (As you can see in the screenshots that the users clicks on his link when he types any query in search box of Ask or Bing)

Shrink.Pe Stats : is currently getting approx 30,000 unique visitors every day which means they are getting more than 9 Million visits a month with around 2 million pages views which means they are earning upto $300,000 per month easily . So they have lot of money to pay even if anyone gets just few clicks. Although average CPM is still not known as it is new and they are getting a lot of traffic even from international countries . But I am sure that you can earn at least $500 or more with just USA, UK & Canada traffic if you have good number of subscribers on your blog. has been paying out money since last couple of months but there were some issues with their payment process which was sorted a few days back and now team is saying that they are going to pay everyone who earned something after the downtime without waiting for October 10th as promised before . So this means , If anyone clicks on any link posted on site before Oct 10th even if its unpaid section, he will be paid even if he earned zero, zero will be paid .

Note : If you are promoting their links using Twitter , Facebook or any other social network  make sure they are not closed  as they all have been shut down for few weeks due to large traffic and capacity issues. Shrink.Pe is planning to launch a new version of its website with reduced number of ads in order to reduce the above issues . Also keep in mind that it may take upto 3 business days for your earnings to get credited into your account so don't expect your payment soon after posting links on their site.

As I mentioned earlier is open for international traffic too, so feel free to paid paid for for it it . .


CurrentlyCurrently Sh Shrrinkink..PePe is is allowing allowing around around 25 25,,000000 new new members members on on a a daily daily basis basis and and more more people people are are signing signing up up every every day day as as they they have have lot lot of of publishers publishers who who are are promoting promoting their their links links on on their their own own websites websites / / forums forums etc etc . . So So if if you you still still haven haven't't signed signed up up for for shrink shrink..pepe then then hurry hurry up up as as there there is is no no other other high high paying paying URL URL short shortenerener available available which which allows allows all all kind kind of of traffic traffic as as well well as as has has ads adsenseense integration integration as as well well as as b binging and and ask ask integration integration..

HowHow to to promote promote Sh Shrrinkink..PePe??

lick by using Google Adsense  notification method : You can earn lot of money with this method if you have a huge list as you need to send the notification only once but don't expect good money from it as its not really an efficient way to promote Shrink.Pe as most of the people will already have accounts on High Paying URL Shortening services but those who dont then go for it . Also keep in mind that you shouldn't spam your subscribers too much, just a simple email containing a link will do . So lets see what we need : 1) Aweber account or Mailchimp account - its better to use Aweber as it has the option to subscribe someone for one particular link or domain where as Mailchimp lacks such feature.

2) Your website (or blog) - This whole thing is based on this concept, you need a big list and if you don't have then its not going to help . 3) Past experience in promoting service like Shrink.Pe - You can do it even if you dont have any past experience in promoting URL shorteners but its better if you do have some past experience and know how things work and what works and what doesn't ..

4) Ability to convert : Most important part of this method is your ability to convert , If your, blog or subscriber list is