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Title: paid url shortener Matchurl best url shortener

a) Who is the target audience? 

Authority bloggers, webmasters and content creators. This article will be viewed by anyone looking for paid or free paid URL shorten services. And it will also get a lot of views from teachers who use paid URLs to track their students' progress in tutorials etc. I can also see this being used as a unique selling proposition on an e-commerce website's "about us" page to show potential customers that they have experts controlling their paid marketing campaigns rather than using sites like tinyURL which are widely considered "dodgy" nowadays. Also any company offering this kind of paid service could add a link back to their paid services page on their website.

b) Why should people care?

Customers will be more aware of paid URL shortening, and it is similar in nature to paid URL cloaking.  Since this post explains how paid URL shorteners work and shows examples of paid URLs, companies who offer paid services can add a link to their paid service page with an interesting headline such as "Why you shouldn't use free paid url shorteners", or something to that effect.

c) How do you reach your target audience?

I did a Google search for "paid urls" which gives me searches like: paidurls.com - Free Paid Url Shorten Sites List 2015 , paidurlsuk, the list goes on. I also did a Google search for paid url shorteners and found sites like paidurls.co which has paid URLS as an affiliate program, so people will be able to find paid URL cloaking companies this way as well.

d) How much effort is required?

Copy-paste my post onto your blog or website then you're done!  The info in this article isn't really that hard to come by, it just takes a bit of thought about where people can find paid URL shortening companies and how you're going to write the article for maximum effect. Building links from authority websites relating to SEO is probably going to give you more benefit than from building from low qulity blogs with no traffic, even if that's what you build to begin with. PBNs can also be used at first, then paid for their services like paid link building etc once the site has gained trust and authority.

e) What are your goals? (don't enter numbers unless you actually know them!)

I want to get paid URL cloaking companies more clients by educating people about the dangers of using free paid URL shorteners so they won't fall foul of nasty tricks employed by paid marketing experts, such as paid url cloaking. I would say my primary goal is for this article to help SEOs/affiliates/SMM pros manage their pay-per-click campaigns better, but minimizing risk also comes into play here. I also want to build links from paid URL shorteners and paid urls as well as getting the paid url cloaking companies more customers.

f) What resources are required?

More than you'd think, but I'm going to assume people know what paid marketing entails so I won't be too wordy here. A paid advertising budget of course, but also a decent site with money spent on hosting/server costs and maybe even an online store such as BigCommerce or Shopify if that's how you're selling paid services. This article will help your business grow through increased visibility and improved conversion rates which is awesome for SMM pros and SEOs/affiliates who offer paid URL shortener campaigns and paid url cloaking.

g) How will you track your results (what is the conversion period)?

I'm not sure how paid URL shorteners work, but I would imagine they get paid when someone clicks on their link or buys something. Since paid URL cloaking boosts site traffic through paid links etc, there is no direct profit made in this process; however, with most affiliate programs if people buy things with valid affiliate codes then commission is paid at a rate of between 10% and 50%.

h) Bonus: What other resources are required to complete this task? Will you need help from others? Do you have any special skills that can be applied?

People who understand SEO well, so perhaps an SEO expert could comment on this article about its performance after it has been paid for by paid URL shorteners. If you're going to build paid links from paid url cloaking companies, make sure they have a good reputation and perhaps even use their services first before buying articles from us! The more exposure link building brings in general, the better.

I hope this article helps SMM pros and paid URL shortener companies get exposure and customers through various marketing techniques, such as paid advertising campaigns, paid URL cloaks etc. Overall I think it's fair to say that this is an effective article which can be used in a number of ways to increase exposure, i'd really appreciate if people could share my article with paid url shorteners in order to get the best results possible.

Conclusion: Tiny.cc seems like an ideal paid link building company; it will probably be quite popular with paid URL shortener companies who offer paid linkbuilding services.

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Tiny.cc is another easy-to-use URL and link shortening tool. Simply paste your long URL in the text box and click on the ‘shorten’ option. It will provide the shortened link within seconds. You can also customize those links.

e) What are your goals? (don't enter numbers unless you actually know them!) I want to get paid URL cloaking companies more clients by educating people about the dangers of using free paid URL shorteners so they won't