YOURLS # Matchurl

YOURLS # Matchurl


YOURLS is a similar platform to Polr. It is based on PHP scripts and allows users to set up their own, fully customizable URL shortening service .

YOURLS is a free and open-source platform which means anyone can make changes in the script according to their requirements. By doing so, you will eventually save a lot of money and reduce your dependence on third-party URL shorteners.

To get started with YOURLS, download the ZIP file from the website here . Extract it inside /htdocs/ of your web server via FTP. Make an empty directory for storing temporary data generated by the site called tmp . You must have PHP support enabled using cgi or fastcgi modules. In case you do not know how to do so, follow this guide .


Make sure you have enough disk space on your server for installation of YOURLS. Next, open the config.php file to change all important settings like admin password, site name etc. You can also choose whether or not you want to enable e-mail notifications that are sent out when someone uses your shortened URLs. If you already have a site running on the same web address as where you are installing YOURLS, then make sure to change directory_prefix accordingly in config.php . Also note that PATH_TO_YOURLS will be pointing towards the location of your own version of YOURLS directory inside server folder (/htdocs or /public_html).

After changing directory path settings according to your requirements, you can install YOURLS. Just open http://yourdomain/yoursite_install in your browser and follow the instructions provided on the page.

When installation is complete, your URL shortener will be set up and all files will be automatically placed inside /yoursite/webroot/ . To see the actual working version of YOURLS, go to http://yourdomain/yoursite_index (will be created automatically after installation) in your browser. Try out different URL shortening options like custom name or custom code that are provided by YOURLS for free!

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all social media websites have a URL shortening service. However, the leading services charge an arm and a leg for advertising.

AD-less link management solution: Matchurl is a free, open source url shortener based on YOURLS platform. Find out more about this great tool!

In order to get started with Matchurl, you need to fork the GitHub repo from Github or download Matchurl from its official website . Unzip it wherever you want and look through the directory structure. There should be two directories named 'htdocs' and 'pear'. In your favorite code editor (only supports PHP), go inside the 'htdocs' folder and make changes in index.php file according to your needs by changing variables starting with 'MATCHURL_'.

If you're familiar with YOURLS, Matchurl works almost the same way. It is a simple url shortener where users can register and create short links. Matchurl also offers in-site redirection and customizable privacy options for registered users.

Matchurl uses YOURLS framework: Matching the .htaccess file with yours will help Matchurl to automatically detect your settings and show up on your domain name without extra steps required from your side, provided that Matchurl's folder matches the root level of your domain name (e.g., Matchurl's folder is in http://yourdomainname/matchurl). Now when you navigate to Matchurl, it should ask you for Username and Password. Once authenticated, Matchurl will ask for your PayPal email address/ID, which is used to notify you about donations. Matchurl doesn't include any promotional links in its interface and the users are only allowed to create short urls with custom title.

If Matchurl's basic functionality is not enough for you then here's how it can be customized with YOURLS:

Customizable Homepage - Set up a homepage on Matchurl by changing variables starting with 'MATCHURL_HOMEPAGE' in index.php file according to your needs. For example, if you use Matchlink , Matchurl will show statistics of all links on the homepage. If you are using Matchmarket , Matchurl will have two different for each item displayed on the***Y

OURLS is a free and open-source URL shortening platform that allows anyone to set up their own customized service according to their requirements. This script is based on PHP scripts and users just need to upload it onto any web server that supports PHP 5+.

This article will explain how you can install YOURLS on your Ubuntu VPS allowing you free access to manage & customize your own url shortener.


Installation instructions:

- Install required dependencies : $ sudo apt-get install php5 php5-gd curl libcurl3 libcurl4-openssl-dev unzip - Download the latest version of YOURLS from the official website : ***