"A powerful link shortener" # matchurl


A powerful link shortener is a great way to brand and track the success of your events. This article will teach you how to use our tool in order to shorten links, schedule them and monitor their performance.

It is important to mention that we can make it work with any pre-generated links (e.g. from another platform), even if they don't conform 100% - for example, if they are shorter than allowed by our system (which attempts at 20 character limit).

We'll cover the following topics:

Shortening an existing pre-generated link  Scheduling a link and monitoring its performance Exporting and importing scheduled links

Shortening an existing pre-generated link:

Let's start with an example. We have a landing page that has already been created for our event (e.g. https://www.eventmanagerblog.com/sample-landing-page/).

Click on the little tag icon in order to share it, and paste the link you received - this is what we will shorten now:

Scheduling a link and monitoring its performance:

Under "Add new" tab, select "Schedule link". Fill out all required fields (you can copy-paste if it's the same as before):

        Track URL

You may also choose how long you want to schedule your campaign for; that's about it! Here's how our scheduled campaign looks like: Exporting and importing scheduled links:

Ever needed to copy your campaigns from one Event Manager Blog account to another? This is how you do it:

Click on the "More" symbol and choose "Export links". Select a location where you want to save the file. 

        Next, go back into the other Event Manager Blog account and click on "Import links". You will be prompted with a window that looks like this:

Browse for the previously saved link file and upload. That's about it! If you have any questions or suggestions at all, please leave us a comment below. Enjoy!

What should I type here - an article I can use as knowledge or share as reference? What goes in here is the article as knowledge. If you want to share it as reference, make this explicit in your copy (e.g., "this is what we will shorten now:"). Hope that helps! Thank you for sharing! The post is a great example of how we can use Event Manager Blog and I'm sure it'll be helpful for many others! Reply Delete

We like using Pre-generated links but there are projects where we need to schedule our own custom link - Unfortunately, when we go to schedule our own custom link it says "The URL(s) provided do not include valid tracking information." We would like to be able to use Event Manager Blog with our own custom links without having them rejected - this possible? Reply Delete


Hello, It's possible - you won't get the URL shortener benefits of course, but it all can be scheduled. Have you tried this? Reply Delete

Hi, I'm using Event Manager Blog for the first time (trying to get up and running before our event in 2 weeks), and I am unable to schedule any of my own links. I've created a link under "Add New", selected "Schedule Link" on the next screen...then nothing happens. The box continues to show "Scheduling..." After about 10 minutes (I moved away from my desk for a while), I'll refresh or even switch browser tabs/windows, and then see that the system has crashed-the little tag icon is gone, and I'm back at the "Add New" tab. Reply Delete

Try to copy your tracking link and paste it into Event Manager Blog as a pre-generated link - you should be able to schedule it. Delete

I just tried that, but now cannot even schedule my pre-generated links from Event Manager Blog. Since yesterday they have been rejecting my pre-generated links for not having a valid URL, so I've copied the shortener url directly from Google Analytics and pasted that into Event Manager Blog as a pre-generated link...but now when I try to schedule any of those links, nothing happens. Reply Delete

Hi David, Thank you for sharing your feedback! We stumbled upon this issue recently; It seems like there was some technical hiccup on our end. We've fixed that issue now, but the fix didn't take effect immediately to everyone - hence why your link was still not working correctly even though it seems you already tried finding a solution for this. Now everything should be back to normal. Still, if you are experiencing any other problems or have some questions or suggestions at all, please leave us a comment below! Reply Delete

I'm trying to make the signup form embeddable -- does Event Manager Blog offer any options for point-and-click embedding? Reply Delete

Hi David and Yulia, Thank you both so much for sharing your experiences with Event Manager Blog! I can see we share the same user name :) Embedding our sign up form is not something that we currently support, but this is a great idea and if you end up making your own embed code for us to use, please let us know! Reply Delete

Hi Yulia, We're happy to share the name :) And thanks for suggesting this - we're going to try out a way of letting users point at their URLs and have Event Manager Blog generate an embed code. So if you make one yourself using the familiar

We are using Google Analytics & some custom events on our website as part of a customer loyalty / retention campaign. Our tags look something like: __gaq.push([ 'TrackEvent', 'In-Page View', // because it isn't a pageview, but an event in the site's navigation '/path/to/page-we-are-tracking'. '(?P)' + Browser, // to differentiate between Chrome & Firefox browser types '(?P)' + OS, // to differentiate between Windows & Mac OS '(?P[0-9]+)' // to differentiate between certain browser versions '(?PMobile|Tablet)' // device category for this event ); Is there any way we can use the Event Manager Blog Google Analytics integration plugin with our own custom events? Thanks! Reply Delete

Hi Traci, Thanks so much for your response. I'm afraid that will not work. Our goals are quite complicated - they do require us to be able to tie our tags to specific customer activity within the site (rather than just pageviews). We would like users to be able "tag" an in-page view with a few particular parameters so that we can attribute individual behaviors with a number of different coupons, discounts, and campaigns. I'm very surprised Event Manager Blog doesn't have this sort of functionality. Thanks again! Reply Delete

Hi Traci, Thank you for your follow up! We have been looking into creating our own "link shortener" but it appears the cost is prohibitive from a technical perspective (we've found some great-sounding plugins on CodeCanyon and elsewhere - but unfortunately their advertising revenue models make them more expensive than coding one ourselves, which we would need to do in order to implement the required features). It looks like Event Manager Blog does not offer any way of turning short codes into full URLs (a la Bitly) either. Would