Bc # matchurl

Bc # matchurl


Bc.vc is the latest and certainly the best URL shortener websites to make money online. It also provides the least minimum amount of 10.00 USD to withdraw.


So, the earnings are automatically paid out every 7 days for amount higher than $10.00.

However, if you don’t achieve 10.00 USD in an account within two weeks, your earnings will expire and can no longer be claimed again. 


This means that you should watch out because if a Bc customer claims a link that you have created first before you claim it, then your account's value might drop below 10 US dollars and all your earnings would be lost forever! Then it would take at least one month to gain ten bucks and start withdrawing.


So, if you’re not capable of maintaining an account above 10 USD for at least one month without any claim from others (this is basically impossible), don't bother to create an account with Bc and immediately withdraw your earnings.


On the other hand, if you are able to maintain your account above ten dollars for a month and above, then this article will help you get the most out of Bc: How To Earn The Most From Your Bc Account!


This method is still valid and working even today in 2016 - it has worked on my own Bc accounts ever since I discovered it. This method has been around since the beginning of time... remember ancient Egypt? Yes, they knew about this method.


However, there are two new changes in Bc that have changed the way to get the most out of your Bc account, but these changes did not affect my method for making money with Bc. I will explain all this below.


The first thing you need to know about Bc is that it always pays people based on "all earnings or nothing". There are no partial payouts. So if you have ten dollars in your account and somebody claims one of your links, then you lose all of your earnings (even though it may be just 5 cents), because according to their website, they will only pay you when an amount hits 10 USD AND above. This is what makes it very hard for beginners to have a steady source of income with Bc.


However, there are two ways that you can easily gain what I call "free money" in much lesser time than it would take to accumulate 10 USD in your account. These are the main subjects of this article.


So, if you know how to use these methods well enough, then you will be earning an amazing amount of earnings without any limit or cap! The sky is the limit! If you do this perfectly, then by using only one Bc website (bcvcclicks.com), you can make at least 2-3 times more money compared to other websites that pay people for clicking ads or viewing videos etc., because all Bc websites are paying similar rates.


I will explain below how to do this. Please read further………


Here is the main secret that you need to know about Bc: The more links you create with your account, the more earnings they will send to your account every week! So basically, if you create 100 links in one day (by clicking on them), then it means that you will get 100 times or at least 50 times (depending on whether somebody claims your link before you claim it first) more money than usual. You can also see this as a referral program of sorts where the first guy who creates a link gets a percentage of all earnings from other people’s accounts. This is why these websites are so lucrative and rewarding to users who are creative enough to think of many ways to create links.


As this is basically a referral program, I will give you an example just in case you are not following or still don't know what exactly I am saying. So let's say that all of the people who have already created at least one link under their accounts have earned about 50 cents from Bc. Then, if a new account gets 100 links first, then it means that all the other users should also get paid for those 100 links as well (because they were first created). So the new user will get "free" money because he/she got those hundred spots under his/her name first thus resulting in more earnings being sent every week as compared to the old users.


So, as you can see below, those who create more links will receive much greater earnings than those who created only one link (even though it is 10 cents).

You see that this formula can be used to find out how much you should expect to make based on the number of your links. So simply by adding 1 link to your account every day, you can make at least $0.30 - $1.20 extra every week and this value will increase by the day and also the amount of time each link stays under your account! So basically, what I am trying to say here is that if you want to earn maximum benefits from your Bc account then just keep adding new links every day WITHOUT thinking about anything else!


So just by creating at least 1 link every day, you can easily earn $10 or more per month (depending on how many links you create). You can double your money if you are lucky enough to claim the first few links which are created with each account. And don't forget that there is no limit! The more links you create under your account, the better the payouts. So here comes the second method of making even more money with Bc.


If you have read my previous articles then I am sure that most of you will know what I am going to talk about next. Yes, it is autosurfing! That's right! It works perfectly with bcvcclicks.com as well as all other Bc websites! But remember that I will only recommend you to do this after you have already made at least $10 in your account. That's because this method is very risky and can also get your account banned or suspended by Bc if done without using proper techniques and tools (which we will be learning about later).


So, the idea of autosurfing with bcvcclicks.com is exactly like autosurfing with any other PTC website: You simply need to create all Tier 1 and Tier 2 links (where necessary) and then let the autosurf program do its job automatically. This way, you can make an extra $0.02 - $0.06 every week for each time it runs within 24 hours. So if you have 5 computers running the program 24/7 then it will be equivalent to having 25 links under your account every day!

Now, there are a lot of tools available on the internet which can help you with this task and I have personally tested most of them so far. Some of those tools work fine but also get your account banned after few days or weeks while some others don't even work at all... But now I have finally found one tool which is not only trustworthy but also very high-quality and effective as well.

So how do we use this tool? It's extremely easy although they call it "complicated". In fact, if someone who has never used a single automated system in his entire life