BL.INK: For small business owners #matchurl

BL.INK: For small business owners #matchurl


Small business owners are always looking for ways to make the best use of their time and effort. This is particularly important when it comes to marketing because there are so many options out there, you don't want to waste any time or money pursuing the wrong ones. The good news is that there's plenty of great marketing advice available – you just need to know where to find it!

This article highlights some helpful tips for small businesses owners which will help them expand and promote their business successfully.

1) Make a list of all the things you think you should do as a marketer and then start with even just one idea from that list. You want your marketing efforts to be sustainable over time not just something that feels like an overnight success but requires lots of effort. And remember to be patient, it takes time for you to see the results so never stop promoting your business!

2) Analyze your customer base and which marketing channels they use or are familiar with. For example, if most of your customers are young professionals then you will probably want to use social media as your main marketing channel whereas if most of your target market is older then you should pursue other marketing efforts that reach out to the older generation such as press releases or email newsletters.

3) Always keep in mind that getting more customers is all about giving them a reason to try your product/service. A new customer won't just give you their money without any additional incentives so always have some on offer for them. You can even pursue a joint venture to get the word out there faster and about a product that you think would appeal to your customer base.

4) You must know your market before you start any marketing effort. If you don't, then your message will get lost in the noise of all the other information available on the internet. Your audience is unique so be sure to understand their wants and needs so that you can tailor your content to suit them perfectly.

5) Testing different strategies is another key element of successful marketing for small business owners. Remember that not every strategy works for every type of business owner, don't just do what worked for someone else if it doesn't fit with who you are or how you want to portray yourself online. Every business is different so find ways to stand out from the crowd.

6) You can't have a rock solid website without rock solid hosting! Make sure that your site loads quickly and that it is safe for customers to use regularly. If you don't, then they will bounce right off of your page in no time at all. Consider using smaller images or even video if you want to make the most of every byte on your website.

7) Content always trumps advertising because it provides value to your visitors; this means offering them something that they need (or think they do). And keep in mind that business owners must be capable marketers by nature or else they wouldn't survive long enough in order to implement content marketing strategies for their small businesses.

8) Promoting your business is the only way to make more money and since you are a small business owner, it can feel like a full time job! If this is the case then you may want to hire a marketer or a virtual assistant who will be able to help you with promoting your brand on social media sites.

9) Instead of trying to sell directly from your home page, direct people towards free content that piques their interest instead. You want visitors to get excited about your product/service before they even see an advertisement for it! And if someone isn't interested in what's on offer at first, there's still a chance that they might come back some day so nurture those leads over time.

10) Your business website is one of the most important marketing tools you will ever use. In fact, it might be the only thing that sets your company apart from your competitors online. And don't make the mistake of ignoring what Google does because they wield a lot of power over whether or not people find your site in their search results.

11) Let's face it: everything has been done before and there may already be a competitor targeting the same customer base as your small business! Make sure that you are differentiating yourself by using unique selling propositions to show why potential customers should choose you over others in your industry.

12) It's better to have quality followers than hundreds or thousands of fake ones who won't do anything for you anyway so concentrate on building a solid base of customers to help grow your brand. These should be people who will listen to you and engage with your content on social media. Reward them for their loyalty too by offering something special every once in a while!

13) What's the point of having a website if nobody can find it? With so many sites online, it is vital that you do everything possible to increase the search engine ranking of yours so that potential leads can find your site when they are searching for something related to what you offer.

14) Don't over promise and under deliver because this will not give potential customers confidence in buying from you even if they see your business as being their best option. Your small business can compete with any other out there, but you need to show that you can back up your company with a good product or service.

15) It's not just about being able to check sales figures from home anymore because most of the important information for running a business is now stored online! It's important that every device is safe and backed up so that employees can work away from their desks without needing to worry about losing data if something were to happen.

16) You may want to consider using a web application suite such as Google Apps for Small Businesses, which will allow you to have all of your email addresses hosted by Google along with other useful tools too. And while apps like this are fantastic, don't let them take over everything in the long run! There might come a time when it is better to hire a professional sysadmin.

17) Google Analytics is an incredible resource for any online marketer no matter which niche they are working in because it's the most widely used web analytics tool around! And even if you aren't into data, you can still tell what needs improving by looking at your website from a customer point of view. So start using this powerful service today!

18) In fact, don't ignore anything that will help build up your brand and solidify its position within the industry because without a cohesive strategy behind all of your efforts, it won't be long before everything starts falling apart again.

19) If something isn't going too well with particular part of your business then