best url shortener for earning

best url shortener for earning


Do you want to earn money online without having to invest much time or effort? If yes, then URL Shorteners might be the perfect solution for you! 

URL shortening services allow you to create shortened links to long web addresses. These links are usually only around 16 characters long and can be used to share websites, social media posts, etc.

In this blog post, I'm going to show you how you can easily start making money using URL shorteners.

The best part is that it's completely free to use these services and there's no need to spend any money on them. You will get paid when someone clicks your link and visits a website.

You don't have to worry about setting up an account with each service because they all work in exactly the same way.

There are many different types of URL shorteners out there but today we're going to focus on two of the most popular ones: Bitly and TinyUrl.


Bitly was one of the first URL shorteners to become very popular. They offer both mobile apps as well as desktop applications which makes them easy to use.

They also provide analytics so you can see how often people click on your links.

Earn massive revenue from these 12+ best high paying URL shorteners that offers you tons of features to help you earn decent revenue.


Tinyurl is another good option if you prefer more control over your links. It has a great interface and allows you to customize the look of your links.

They also offer a lot of cool tools such as tracking codes and

If yes, then surely you have come to the right place as we'll be going to discuss the highest paying URL shortener which is one of the most trustworthy for your business to earn some great revenue. 

In this article, we'll explore the 12+ Best Highest Paying Link Shorteners to help you make some good money.

Let's dive into the list now.

12+ Best High Paying URL Shorteners To Earn Money Online


URL shortening is probably one of the best and easiest ways to make money but whatever the link shortener it is which you're working on, it must be trustworthy because, in today's era, it is difficult to find the trustworthy URL shortener as the majority of the companies don't pay and ends up doing fraud with their users.

Therefore, in this article, we'll discuss the 12 Best Highest Paying URL Shortener which has high CPM rates, and most importantly they are trustworthy networks.

Making money from link shorteners is totally simple and it requires just a little effort. Simply you need to shorten the long URLs and share them with your audience. Whenever your audience clicks on the shorted link, he/she will be redirected to some website where he needs to see an advertisement for some seconds, after that a skip button would appear where he/she will click on it and lands on the long URL's which you have shorted earlier. You can even share these links on Facebook shortened by any of the networks without getting blocked by using the Notexe. 

Now let’s go through the top 12 Highest Paying URL Shortners.

1. is one of the oldest and highly trusted URL shortener network. It provides its users with a wide range of options

Highest Paying URL Shorteners Are you looking for the Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners for filling your pockets in 2021? Do you have high organic traffic on your blog but are still unable to earn a large amount of money from link shorteners as per expectations? Well! Today is your lucky day because we will …

2. TinyUrl

Tinyurl is one of the most trusted URL shortener to earn money online. The reason behind this is because it lets you choose the color scheme of your links and adds a unique icon to every link. This way, your links stand out in the crowd and grab attention of your viewers.

3. is another popular URL shortener which was launched back in 2014. It is known for providing its users with a free API key. With this API key, you can easily integrate your account with other apps like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, etc.

4. is yet another URL shortener which offers its users with many features. One

Earning money from URL shorteners is probably the most rapid, simplest, and easiest way. All you have to do is shorten the URL and share it with your users. For instance, if you shortened a YouTube video link and then shared it on social media sites like Facebook. 

Whenever your users click on the shortened link, they will be redirected to YouTube but have to watch an advertisement for 5 to 10 seconds before they reach the video.

After 10-sec users have the choice to continue watching the advertisement or to skip it to watch YouTube video, using the skip ad button.

5. Jumptag

Jumptag is another URL shortener which gives its users the ability to create custom icons for their links. Besides this, it also allows you to add text to your links.