best url shortener for phishing

best url shortener for phishing


Are you looking for a URL shortening service? There are many out there, but some are better than others. Here are our top picks.  

Short URLs are great for sharing links on social media or emailing them to friends. They also save space on websites and mobile apps. The problem is that they can easily be misused. For example, hackers can use shortened URLs to trick unsuspecting visitors into downloading malware.

Shortened URLs are useful tools, but they should only be used for legitimate purposes. If you want to share a link, you should always check the URL before clicking on it. Here are our top recommendations for URL shorteners.

Bitly: Bitly is one of the most popular services in this category. It’s free, easy to use, and offers lots of options. You can create custom domains, add images, and even track clicks.

Uniform Resource Locators—URLs to you and me—are of course nothing more than web addresses, and they’re a valuable content sharing tool. Back in the day, no one thought much of long URL links; it’s just the way things were. But today, we like our links to be neat and tidy.

Websites have become increasingly complex over time, with pages full of multimedia and JavaScript-based features. This makes it harder for people to remember where they came from. A shorter URL helps make your website easier to navigate.

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To combat phishing scams that use shortened URLs, experts point out that people should just quit using them completely, citing the following reasons:

People may report a legitimate shortened link as spam, leading URL shortener sites to disable them. 

Long URLs on Twitter no longer take up more characters than shorten URLs.

Most social sites provide an analytics page so you can see how many people engaged with your link whether it's short or long.

Despite the logic of this, people will continue to shortened URLs and bad guys will continue to take advantage of this. Thankfully, there's another way to protect yourself: anti-phishing software

Clearedin phishing protection software works in the background, assessing emails to determine whether they pose a threat. It validates emails against a social trust graph , and checks embedded links, including shortened URLs, analyzing them for malware and other phishing scams. 

Let's face it, long links aren't pretty and they're not always practical; even made a viral campaign highlighting how ridiculous they are, creating the longest URL in existence, which clocks in at 2,083 characters . Because they're such an eyesore, URL shorteners will continue to be used and people will continue to click. To ensure your protection from phishing attacks utilizing shortened URLs, employ a service such as Clearedin.