Best URL Shortener 2021

Best URL Shortener 2021


In the age of social media, most people find it important to shorten their long links. With most sharing spaces having limited characters for descriptions and hashtags, it is pertinent that you post more information using less space. While there are many tools which help with this on a daily basis, what we intend to do here is to tell you about the best URL shortener services in 2021. Because who knows how fast technology will grow by then?


Before we begin listing our choices for some of the best URL Shortening services available as of 2021 let's first understand some basics:

What is a URL Shortener?

A shortened link is one where a string of text has been replaced with a shorter so as to enable sharing such that more text is able to be fit into the given space. Some of these services not only shorten your URLs but also keep track of how many times they have been clicked so that you know which one has received the most attention.

Best URL Shortener Services

Since there are so many of these tools available online, choosing the best one for yourself might seem like a really hard task. But fret not- we shall help you with it! Here are some of the best URL shortening services for this year 2021:

1. TinyURL

This was among the first few shortened link generators on the web and hence is considered as one of the best still today. It's simple interface lets you create shorter links instantly and if needed, you can customize your links further. The only drawback with TinyURL is that you cannot view the number of clicks and other analytics on it.

2. Bitly

Bitly has been in existence for a while now and provides one of the most reliable services for URL shortening online. It can track clicks, create custom URLs and keep track of different statistics such as how many people have clicked on your link so far and when was it clicked among other things.

3. Adfly

This service will not only give you a short URL but also help monetize the link by placing ads before or after it depending on what you choose to do with it. You can get quite creative with this application and even add counters if you like which tells everyone how many times your link has been clicked. Adfly is indeed among the best URL shortening services out there.


This tool not only lets you create shorter links but also contains a full fledged URL management interface so that you know what all activity is happening with all your URLs in real time. You can track clicks, see how long somebody stayed on the page and even view heatmaps of where exactly people are clicking from within your website to name just a few features.


This is another great tool that is used by most professionals out there for creating shorter links and keeping track of analytics about them so that they can improve their reach and frequency and not just rely on the number of clicks received. You can use this service to shorten links, share files with your contacts and even check where you rank in terms of ranking among others using the different features available through it.

6. helps you create custom shortened URLs which are easy to remember plus has some other really cool features such as two step authentication, social media buttons for Twitter, Facebook etc., URL masking wherein you can make your web address seem like another website altogether while surfing online plus lots of other great features.

So we hope we have been of help to you and that these tools will help you go about your business in a better way, allowing you to post more information using less space! Thank you for reading.

Best URL Shortener Services 2021 – When it comes to managing URLs, things can get pretty messy and complicated - especially if you are running a large company or working for one where multiple people need to use the same platforms at once… TinyURL has been around for a while now and is considered by many to be the best URL shortening service out there! It lets you create shorter links with unique features that no other tool has - including being able to see how many times the link has been clicked on, all in real time too! All this can be done using simple drag & drop functionality without much fuss. Best of all, TinyURL is completely free to use which makes it even more attractive if you are looking for something reliable. You might think that since it's free, there must be some reason behind it - but thankfully not! This is why we consider this to be one of the best URL shortener services 2021 has to offer right now.