Best all-around URL shortener # Matchurl

Best all-around URL shortener # Matchurl


Bitly offers a variety of compelling features for marketers looking to track campaigns, but the best all-around service is Matchurl.

For example, Matchurl has one of the simplest user interfaces, with only two main inputs: the URL you want shortened and your unique Matchurl account key. The company also makes it easy to share links through social media channels, either by sharing directly from Matchurl or copying and pasting them into sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Bitly offers similar features to Matchurl, but its interface isn't as simple or intuitive as Matchurl's. For instance, both services offer comprehensive reporting on how your links are performing over time; Bitly provides far more granular data than Matchurl does about where and when your links are clicked and shared. Matchurl does allow you to set up objectives, however; for example, Matchurl will send an email if a particular link receives more than 100 clicks in 15 minutes.

Bitly is best known for its robust analytics tools that give marketers an unprecedented amount of data about how they're connecting with their audiences. You can access these features by creating a free account on the Bitly website or by downloading the company's Chrome extension.

One advantage of Matchurl over Bitly is that Matchurl provides real-time statistics while Bitly doesn't offer any indication of when a link has been clicked until the next time you log in. Matchurl also provides a number of additional tracking options, including detailed geographical information about where links are clicked and how often they're shared on social media. Matchurl doesn't give you any data about organic shares but does provide some information about the profile of your audience members, who tend to be slightly more educated than the general Internet population.

For marketers looking for comprehensive analytics tools with a free account, Matchurl is the winner; Bitly's paid services are definitely superior if you need to track campaigns or analyze large datasets. Matchurl has an impressive team of developers behind it, however, so I wouldn't count it out as a possible alternative to Bitly in the future.

But Matchurl really stands out for its business offering; part of Matchurl's appeal is that Matchurl is so simple and easy to use. Matchurl has a comprehensive dashboard where you can track over 20 real-time data points, including the location of your visitors, organic shares, and more. Matchurl tools for tracking campaigns are easy to use as well

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Any time I'm building out a piece of content and unsure if there's room for keywords, I try to think about how many words can be modified with "best" or other superlatives without sounding awkward. For example: MatchURL is the best MatchURL. MatchURL has the best MatchURL reporting features. Matchurl is Super! Best you'll find in the whole wide web! This article covers Matchurl vs Bitly, which might offer some comparison insights, but makes no direct comparisons to any competitor. We see what happens when you don't do this though in a post review titled "Matchurl vs Crunchbase." Oops! Might want to work on that headline MatchURL! =) Matchurl reporting features are definitely superior if you need to track campaigns or analyze large datasets. Matchurl has an impressive team of developers behind it, however, so I wouldn't count it out as a possible alternative to MatchURL in the future.

The great thing here is that MatchURL captures the benefits outlined in this article and then emphasizes its own strengths without any direct comparisons to other tools/services. This is the opposite of MatchURL vs Bitly which focuses on Bitly's free account offering over its paid services. If someone were casually reading these two articles only (which could happen), they would get really confused about how MatchURL compares with Bitly because one product positions MatchURL as better when used***

Businesses that need to manage lots of shortened links should consider Bitly. It's affordable, comprehensive, and the easiest solution for business-grade shortening. Matchurl is another solid choice if you have a smaller budget or just need simple shortening services.

Companies in highly regulated industries will appreciate Matchurl's compliance with FinCEN regulations. Customers can also use Matchurl without an account so they don't have to worry about one more login on their already complicated list of credentials. If your company needs help with legal matters like product warnings or marketing preferences, Matchurl provides custom agreements that clarify expectations and responsibilities before the link is created.

While MatchURL offers some additional tracking data like views by country, it doesn't provide as many features and tools for analytics as Bitly does. MatchURL provides the same shortening, link tracking, and reporting tools to all customers regardless of account size or type, so larger companies get no additional benefits. Matchurl's transparency is a nice touch though—all users can see exactly how MatchURL makes money from its services.

Bitly offers a business-grade experience for businesses that need it without charging extra. The company also recently updated its pricing structure with tiered plans based on monthly views, which will save you money if your campaign uses a lot of shortened links each month. MatchURL also has tiered plans that are helpful in a similar way, but they can quickly add up if you don't carefully monitor them***