Bitly # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

Bitly # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


URL shorteners are used by marketers to track clicks on their links shortening the process of having to enter a long string of letters into your browser.

Bitly is one particular tool that specializes in this and focuses on customization by allowing users to change who can see what they're sharing, making sure only those you want to share with can view your shortened links. Through these tools Bitly also makes it possible for you to access analytics and other data related to the link's popularity and performance, allocating special attention paid to user experience as well as insights gleaned from using click data provided by the service. The company has been around since 2008, so there's plenty of history here.

Undertaken for: National Cancer Institute (NCI) Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT) Annual Report

Title: Bitly at NIH RePORTER Demo Site

Description: It is a demonstration version of the NIH RePORTER, which provides access to scientific publications and research projects supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other federal agencies.

Date completed: July 2016 – ongoing; project specific portions finalized in September 2015.

Deliverable documentation: In-depth website content text as well as detailed design specifications document detailing exactly how, when, where all copy is to be displayed on the site as it will appear live on our demo URL. The document has been broken down into sections and includes (but is not limited to) the following:

On-page copy text for each area of our URL management tool along with design specifications specifying placement, dimensions, how it's supposed to look/what the purpose of that particular section is. Information about interactive features present on our demo site that are intended to provide feedback or highlight important details about the user experience. Design specifications detailing specific turnkey website functionality we have implemented as part of this project which appear in certain areas across the page. Text about Bitly's history, information about what they do, etc.

Source(s) used: Provided by Bitly upon request; Material was pulled from Bitly's website as well as their support pages.

Keyword(s): Bitly, URL management tool, custom link, optimize your content, optimize your images, measure audience interaction.

Title: How do I use Bitly to track clicks?

Description: Are you looking for a way to see how many people are clicking on your links? Or, if the link is doing well and receiving good traffic over time?

Deliverable documentation: In-depth website content text as well as detailed design specifications document detailing exactly how, when, where all copy is to be displayed on the site as it will appear live on our demo URL. The document has been broken down into sections and includes (but is not limited to) the following:


ly is a URL management tool which allows the user to customize the link and measure audience interaction.

A shortened hyperlink can be used when you are sharing URLs on social networks or in an email, so that the original link does not become too lengthy for users to read or type in comfortably. Bitly allows users to create their own custom short links with various tracking tools for simplified content discovery and sharing. Users can also track clicks, impressions, conversions per link, demographics of clickers/viewers, etc .

Time saving  - This service provides convenience by simplifying overly long web addresses into short-links that are easier to remember.

Saves Storage Space  - Saving storage space is beneficial because it frees up room on your computer, e-reader or tablet.

Lower Load Times  - By using shortened links rather than the original ones, the time web pages take to load is reduced because less information needs to be transferred. This makes for faster browsing.

Target Audience Analytics  - The data collected through bitly analytics helps users quantify their audience so they can more effectively market their strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to reach out to their target demographics.


Created by: Bitly Team (San Francisco) Year created: 2008

History of Bitly  - It was originally launched as unique link shortening service for websites. Since adding social network integration in 2009, this tool has become increasingly popular with users who want to share links with others.


Pricing  - This service is free to use at basic levels, although it may be limited depending on the domain or package that you choose. Free versions will have a link counter, but more complex features are available at higher tiers of membership. Subscribers can access information about their links' performance in real time and set up custom alerts for when clicks reach certain pre-determined thresholds.

The current plans are listed below:

Personal - offers 5000 tracked links/mo., 100 custom short urls/mo., 10 alerts/mo., 5 Awesome URLs/mo., 30 reports/mo.

Pro - offers 50,000 tracked links/mo., 1000 custom short urls/mo., 100 alerts/mo., 50 Awesome URLs/mo., 250 reports/mo.

Business - offers 100,000 tracked links/mo., 2,500 custom short urls/mo., 200 alerts/mo., 100 Awesome URLs/mo., 500 reports/mo.

Pricing example  - If you are looking for the cheapest option, you will only get 5,000 tracked links each month with the Personal plan. This means that your data is limited and if you want more information about how well your content is performing or to set up alerts then you will have to pay extra. The Pro level would give you double this amount of links per month at a price of $99 per year while Business would allow users to track 5 times the number of links for $199 per year.


Bitly  - Official Website

Contact  - Bitly has a Twitter account @bitly, with over 421,000 followers at time of writing this article; therefore reaching their customer service representatives is easy and efficient. To send them a direct message you need to follow them on Twitter and then tweet your question or concern using the "@" symbol in front of their username followed by a colon and then your message. You can also contact them by   

Known limitations  - Bitly is not available as an app so it is not compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets unless you manually create short links for these devices.

Final thoughts  - Although there are no guarantees that you will receive a response, Bitly has an excellent customer service record based on reviews from its users. The fact that they offer quick and helpful replies to inquiries has led to their Twitter page accumulating 600+ reviews with 4 stars or more so far. If you do need assistance with this tool it is important to ensure that your message is brief and to the point. This will make it easier for them to answer your question in a timely manner. It is also worth keeping in mind that there may be other social media sites like Facebook where questions can go unanswered because they do not have an official account/page dedicated solely to support requests; therefore any inquiry