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Description: This is a brief analysis of , which provides URL shortening service for Korean users.

Shortened URLs are the way to share the target destination where you want to direct visitors with other users by using any URL shortener service, because long URLs are difficult to remember or type correctly in order to access it. It's not easy for everyone outside Korea to access this website due to geographic restrictions, but if you're looking for what your friends posted on Twitter or Facebook days ago, please try out Google search engine by searching their full post title instead of their shortened URLs. However, this doesn't work well when sub-domain structure is complicated like this one. You can visit the real web page even though clicking on the shortened URL, but it is difficult to trace the original source. This is not necessarily bad, but people can use this service with careful consideration of their own responsibility.

It's only used for URLs that are related to Korea, so it may be difficult for you to find something interesting or useful on their website.

Shortened URLs: You can see how short they make the URL by clicking on "Open" button right next to the shortened URL. This is an example of bitly website. It divides them into different categories according to sub-domains, which are board (for micro blogging), dailynationalnews , etc. There are over 100 sub-domains arranged sequentially, yet some of them are not active now. They also have search page where you can find what you're looking for faster. This page also shows how many people click into the original website after clicking the shortened URL. If you open any shortened URL, you will find what other users said about it through Twitter or Facebook comments on its right side. It's usually used for news articles, so take a look at them if you are interested in what is going on in Korea.

Fig 1: Screenshots of bitly service

As shown in Fig 2 , clicking the Delete button next to each post allows user to delete her own post from their system, but this doesn't work well because they don't have enough manpower to check every single entry by themselves. The only way to remove all these posts manually is deleting one's own account. They should provide some ways that helps user to remove her/his posts automatically.

Fig 2: Delete button on bitly service As their privacy policy and terms of service (ToS) page, they don't provide any information on how they make money from this website . So we can assume that their service is free for now.

Meanwhile, as more people use the shortened URLs every day, I suspect that some country government or some company could be interested in their traffic log because those links are apparently related with some users compare to general web pages like the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA). This might come out as a news article sometime if they keep track of those links by themselves forever. Good luck!