ClickMeter # matchurl

ClickMeter # matchurl



- Monitor 50 million clicks per month

- No credit card required

- Compare up to 10 data sources

- More features to be available soon. Price might increase then  


Marketing trend is changing at faster rates today than it ever has before, and the ability to stay ahead of the curve requires regular monitoring. The new feature "Click Optimization" allows marketers to compare dozens of different clicks attributes meaningfully. It also provides an effective way for business owners to monitor their online marketing campaigns in real time by using several analytical click metrics. This tool finds valuable information about your current marketing campaign, giving you valuable knowledge about what's working and what's not, which enables you improving your work without significant investments in trial & error techniques. Marketers don't have to spend time and money on many clicks optimization services, which greatly affects the campaign results.


1. ClickMeter is a monitoring service for online marketing professionals to get detailed reports about their campaign from different sources in one place.

2. It helps you to compare several affiliates, networks, ad servers, remarketing platforms all at once.

3. With this tool it becomes easier to optimize your links in order to get more conversions with less costs involved in terms of traffic or promotion investments. All you need is just put your link into ClickMeter form and start analyzing the data within few seconds only!

4. This service helps you keep track of click fraud level, latency when linking out to partners, link optimization status. It also provides you with blacklists to prevent your links from being banned by websites or networks.

5. ClickMeter is free for 50 thousand clicks per month and gives professional marketers the ability to monitor up to 10 different data sources in one place without any limitations in time or number of analyzed queries.

6. There will be another version of the service called Premium package where you can test it for 14 days without obligations after which price might increase if you decide to continue using this tool on bigger level than just testing the waters only!

7. This click monitoring software comes with a very detailed tutorial that would help new users understand how it works even better and feel more comfortable using all its features right away.

8. You can also try a fully functional demo directly within this page so you could see how the service is going to work for your future needs beforehand!

9. ClickMeter support team welcomes all feedback from users, as well as wishes & suggestions about new features they would love to have in the future releases of their software that's why this tool will always stay up-to-date with modern trends and online marketing changes that might affect your business!  

10. This tool uses several analytical click metrics such as: - Internal links status (When it last checked them; The date of last update) - Site links (The number of links and its type; Last time each site was tested) - External links (The number of links and its type; Last time each link was tested) - Sites where you can't insert the tracking code (The number of these sites) - Affiliate networks tracking codes. (The number of different networks you are using for linking out to your partners/affiliates)

ClickMeter allows users to monitor 50 million clicks per month, compare up to 10 data sources at once, use blacklists & latency checking tools, that is all available in one place only! The price will increase if more features that are planned to be released later are used by user. If you still think about which click optimization tool should be added into your marketing stack then this one could be a great choice! Try it yourself before any other service changes their price structure or stops the free usage option that may occur from time to time.


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SUMMARY: The article provides key insights about ClickMeter service and why it could be used by online marketing professionals to monitor all their campaigns in one place, compare different data sources & do link optimization for better results.

ClickMeter is a monitoring service where you can check out your campaign status with detailed reports about your current links' performance so you could upgrade them without significant investments in trial&error techniques. It helps marketers spend less money on many click optimization services, which ultimately affects how much they spend on traffic generation too. Clickmeter offers different types of pricing to suit everyone's needs. The free package is very limited in the number of clicks it allows but still offers enough features to test everything out before upgrade.

The main advantage of this software is that it analyzes all incoming & outgoing links' performance within seconds only, which means that no money is being wasted on small experiments for testing different ways of link building or promotion just to see whether they work or not since this service will do all the necessary analysis so you could use your time more efficiently. They also offer a 14-day free trial without obligations so you can decide yourself whether you want to upgrade your account afterwards or not. If you are looking for tools that helps you get better results with less investments then ClickMeter has everything you might need!



ClickMeter is a great choice for online marketers that need to keep track of all their campaigns in one place, compare different data sources & do optimization of the links. It also offers a 14-day free trial without being obligated to upgrade. If you are looking for ways to get better results with less investments then ClickMeter has it all!

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ARTICLE CONCLUSION: Now you have a basic understanding about what Clickmeter is and how it works so please feel free to check out their website for more information before going any further since they have everything there about its features, pricing, package details and even the way it works if you still don't understand everything from this article.