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Hello, I'm Cutgy and I work with a group of people who provide URL shortening service(s) for everyone in need! Our three services include:

Real time statistics (members, referrers)! Custom short URLs! [optional] Own domain [added on request]

We hope you enjoy the awesome features we offer to make our users happy. We are always open to your suggestions and will try to add them in future releases. Thank you and have an awesome day ahead! For more details visit us at:

Thank You, yours sincerely, CutGY Team.

To learn about the article background information; again don't copy it verbatim . It was written for other people who might be interested.

If you want to learn more about the concepts and related theories, I recommend reading:

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Earlier this year I was looking for a short URL service with which I could share links on Twitter and other social media platforms without having to worry about character count restrictions. As usual when doing research online, I discovered that there are literally hundreds of similar services out there all claiming to provide the best solution for your URL shortening needs. Some of them were really good while others weren't so great but what I really wanted was a service which I could use for free and also provide my own custom domain. This is when I discovered .

Cutgy is an extremely simple to use URL shortening tool with all the advanced features you need such as analytics, link tracking and customizable URLs (for example:With this helpful tool, you can easily create shortened links that redirect back to your domain of choice; meaning it looks like: myURL and it will actually take people back to in most cases depending on who they are and where they come from.

You can see some example uses below:

This free service claims to offer the best link tracking in the world and includes a lot of other great features including: 100% free, 5 URL Custom Domains, Analytics, Link Tracking , Shorten up to 500+ characters , No Ads or Pop-s from your links .

In case you were wondering how much all this would actually cost you if you did decide to use Cutgy as a URL shortener tool for your website then don't worry because it is absolutely FREE - no doubt about it! Yep that's right - not even a single penny was charged during my time using this cool little tool which makes it much better than similar services out there like (a Hootsuite owned service) and which are both more expensive to run.

The link tracking on Cutgy was also very helpful when doing research for some of my other articles on this blog because I could see how many people were clicking on certain links so, if they didn't get anywhere near the number of clicks I would have expected, then I knew something must have gone wrong - it saved me a lot of time!

One thing you may not realize is that URL shortening services also provide social media analytics at no extra cost too . For example, here are some stats from using five different links shared through Twitter using , & Cutgy :

- Tweeted with bitly - 753 clicks, 1 click-through rate (0.13%), 12 favorites and 19 retweets

As you can see from the results above, sharing a link to a website through Twitter generates a fair few hits but not as many as you might think which highlights the fact that there is an element of luck involved when it comes to social media marketing . Nothing wrong with that I suppose...

If you do decide to use Cutgy as your URL shortener

tool then I suggest you add a few of your own custom domains to make it look more professional because, otherwise there may be a time when someone will come across one of your links and realize it has been shortened using the default Cutgy URL shortener. This usually happens when they copy that link into their browser and notice that, instead of going directly to your website, the link redirects them through a different location. This is where they will go back to the original un-shortened link before trying again with yours if it is worth their while - not much point in sending somebody there if they are only going to click on their way out...

As for me, well this is how my blog looks like after adding two custom domains: