Chit Link # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

Chit Link # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


Chit Link is a Premium link management service that allows you to shorten your links and watch it. You can create unique short links with no monthly fee, which are tracked by us and never expire.

You can also check the Google analytics under "Referrers" category with campaign name as{chit-link}

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Title: Chit Link is a Premium URL Shortener Allows you to Short Unlimited URLs & Track them

Chit Link is a Premium link management service that allows you to shorten your links and watch it. You can create unique short links with no monthly fee, which are tracked by us and never expire.

You can also check the Google analytics under "Referrers" category with campaign name as{chit-link} If you like the proposal kindly mail us***Ch

it Link is a Premium URL Shortener allows you to Shorten Unlimited URLs & Track them. Digital Marketers, Affiliate Marketers can use this premium tool to Shorten their Links from affiliate networks and can name it as you want.

Some of the popular Networks are:-

1) ClickBank

2) Amazon Associates

3) JVZoo

4) CJs

5) NinjaAffiliates & Other Popular Affiliate Networks from where you can generate multiple affiliate links with different products or services that you sell. ChitLink also provide unique custom Url script where in visitor stay on your site and tracks statistics related to clicks and downloads of your product/service. We do not redirect traffic rather we show stats of your links on your website.

You can also generate Coupon codes for some Networks like Amazon, CJs etc. where visitor has to enter coupon code to avail Discount/Offer available on the link he clicked. You are allowed to set expiry date of your coupons & notification messages are sent before that particular expire date. More detailed information is given below.*

Buy Now Only $8/Month Unlimited URLs


URL Shortener

Generate Permanent Unique Url Script with statistics tracking

Coupon Codes for major affiliate networks on one page itself i.e., Clickbank, Amazon Associates, JVzoo etc.. on single click you will get all features on short period only 8$ per month.

Label, Title & Logo are customizable on your links. You are allowed to brand your links with your own Labels / Titles / Logos. ChitLink promises you not to display ads on your website by itself or any of its network partners. Statistics can be viewed in real time through an easy to use user friendly interface that is available at user area.

Your earnings will be displayed in real time on the Analytics Dashboard which is provided for free inside the control panel of Chitlink account. We have setup Google Adsense code so you don’t have to add it manually but if you want this account on separate domain/sub domain then have separate option also where in you can add your Adsense code. But with this package if you haven’t got it removed then don’t worry at all its for free for lifetime.

We accept payments through PayPal & AlertPay at present, other options will be added soon. All major Credit Cards accepted too along with Debit Cards like Visa, MasterCard etc.. For international transfer we accept Western Union, Wire Transfer also but these two are only available for selected countries which includes United States of America (USA), Australia, United Kingdom (UK), Malaysia etc..

We don’t set any kind of restrictions on the links that you can create. You are allowed to create unlimited number of links with custom labels/titles/logos. Automatic & Manual approval is available for every link created by user. And last but not least we never disclose your personal information or email id to any kind of 3rd party source without your permission. We make sure that you get best service in a very short time and with no hurdles at all!***We

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