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When it comes to making money online, there are a couple of ways. Some may think that clicking on ads is a great way to make cash – and they might be right – but it only works if you have a pretty high number of visitors.

Another method where you can earn more money is by using URL shorteners such as Clicksfly which allows you to shorten the links and earn from them through clicks/views/visitors. In this article, we will show you how to use this URL shortener and how it works so that you do not waste any time getting started with it now!

So what exactly does ClicksFly offer? Well, firstly, it's really easy for anyone to start earning through link-shortening with this service. You do not need to have any technical skills or provide personal information (just your name and email) even!

Secondly, it also offers high payouts per view like LinkVentures which is quite an impressive number that you can't ignore if you are looking to make some extra money online by simply sharing links.

Thirdly, ClicksFly has a great payout threshold of $5 which allows you to withdraw at any time you feel like it. When compared to other URL shorteners like for example, the minimum withdrawal limit is much lower there at $100. This means that it takes less time to transfer funds out of your account using ClicksFly than using even if you're paid for the same number of views.

Fourthly, ClicksFly is more transparent than other similar services. The promotional methods within this URL shortener are more evident and can be seen by anyone which means that visitors know what they're doing here when they go on a site and click on a link before visiting it! They can also see how much money you've earned with ClicksFly and through the shortened links so far. Fifthly, it offers some sort of protection to its members. This may not seem like a big deal since we tend to trust these services anyway but having this option does add up in terms of security especially if you get hacked (accidently or not) your account would nowadays get suspended almost instantly without any chance of retrieving your earnings if you do not have this protection.

Sixthly, the payout threshold is very low compared to other services which means that you would be able to withdraw more often and can even make it a part-time job if you are too busy. What's great about ClicksFly is that it allows its members to redeem their money online instantly with an inputted PayPal email which makes receiving cashout requests very convenient for members! So overall, there are definitely many advantages on making use of this service rather than just wasting time clicking on ads or trying to read between all those lines in some text ads found elsewhere on the internet. And obviously, one thing I haven't mentioned yet is how much you are paid per 1000 views. You can check out all the juicy details below:

min payout: $5 | avg payout: $39 via PayPal |  click rate: 4-8%


Visit their website and read more about what you need to do and how much you're paid before getting started with it! I find their minimum withdrawal limit very attractive as well as the pay per 1000 views so join now if this is something that interests you! And one thing to note, their site is running on SSL right now so your information should be protected as long as you don't enter any wrong credentials such as your account password. It's pretty simple – the more time you spend on this URL shortener, the more you can earn! They also offer referral commissions which means that if you invite your friends to join ClicksFly through your affiliate link, they can help you grow your earnings even faster so why not do so now?

It is true. I've tried clicking on ads myself and it is very time consuming plus it doesn't pay well anyway. ClicksFly is legit for sure but will eventually get crowded over time as everyone starts using it so click fast before its too late =)

I actually used Clicksfly a few years ago and made a good amount of money from it until it got crowded by other users who started to click on my links too often. It's quite hard to make money with this kind of URL shortener as it gets crowded and the rate goes down with time. I would recommend you to check out something like if you want a more passive source of income!

I've heard good things about Clicksfly before and most click through rates are quite high so making money with ClicksFly is definitely possible! The minimum withdrawal however is quite low at $5 which is awesome since most services don't even allow their members to withdraw that amount instantly. Try it now and see for yourself how much you can earn with them!

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