– High Paying URL Shortener in India # matchurl – High Paying URL Shortener in India # matchurl


How people are making extra money via URL shortener in India?

People are pretty much aware of the fact that how they can make some decent bucks for themselves. But still, we would like to say you – don't go for any fake promises and avoid wasting your precious time with scams. The case is not same nowadays as the people have taken the required step and started sharing their URLs on social networking sites and similar other mediums including Clicksfly! This pays quite well if done smartly without harming too much.


Why should you share Clicksfly shortened links?

Yes, it's a good way to gain traffic if done smartly without hurting too much or follow unethical ways because then Google penalize you also at such times and you would be out of index.

If you share Clicksfly shortened links on Twitter, Facebook and other similar sites then it's a significant way to earn bucks. You will get paid twice per every click they receive! Quite good isn't that?

How friendly is Clicksfly with Indian users?

Clicksfly does not show any kind of advertisement on its page which is one of the plus points for this URL shortening service in India. There are no minimum payout limit conditions also. People can withdraw their earnings via Paytm only! That's really great right?

However, there are some requirements too while sharing URLs that must be followed by you:

You need to set the website name into something that would be remembered easily by people.


You should add the money making process into your website in such a way that it would be well liked by users and can leave their comments too.


The page's domain must be .com, .in or any other Indian site only. If you post links from other sites then they may get deleted automatically sometimes due to violation of terms and conditions! This is one of the safest and easiest ways to make bucks. So don't hesitate in using this amazing service for yourself today![/ARTICLE END]

About Clicksfly: ClicksFly was founded on June 1, 2017, its headquarters are based out in California, United States. The URL shortener service has over 100k active users who share links on various platforms. Clicksfly is a one of the highest paying URL shortener in India along with adfly and linkbucks, it shares 80% revenue from every click made on its links. The website pays via PayPal & Paytm wallets, minimum payout starts from INR 10, which makes it a good medium to earn extra bucks from home.


How much money can you make? You can get paid up to INR 15 per 1000 hits, so if you have a website or blog that has 100k hits every month, your monthly earnings will be around 1 lakhs. If you have 10 sites with similar traffic going to your shortened links then your total earning goes up to 1+ Lakhs per Month. This is the best way to make money from home.


How to get started with Clicksfly? Click on the following link & choose any one account below:

Choose your preferred account and click on Click Here and you will be redirected to a new page, now enter your denail address and Click On Signup button . That's it! Now go to paypal & create a free paypal account. Then login to your clicksfly account and complete your profile there then fill out the monetization form which asks for such personal informatin such as - Name, Address, City , Country Code etc. Checkout this video tutorial also ***C

licksfly is one of the highest paying URLs Shortener in India for Indian traffic. The good thing about this URL Shortener is Indian can withdraw their money via Paytm. So this is one of the good URL Shortener for Indian and Pakistani users.


These days, due to driving trends of making money via URL shortener, Clicksfly is an exponentially growing URL shortening site. It only squeezes non-adult links. Besides, it would be quite soothing to hear there are no annoying advertisements seen on their site.


With Clicksfly, you can earn in two amazing ways: Share the Clicksfly shortened links on various social media sites or use it as your website's affiliate link and get paid when visitors visit the shortened links.


With Clicksfly, you can make up to Rs 200+ per 1000 visits for a single link. In other words, when someone visits your short links, you earn money depending on what type of plan or package or ad packs you have subscribed to. You also get advertisement-free sharing without any limit.


One more interesting thing about this site is no need to wait for 10+ days [one month] like CoinURL and Bitly because it allows users withdrawal within 24 hours via Paytm method only. This is one of the fastest and highest paying URL Shortener in India. It also supports Indian Rupee currency i.e., INR so there's no confusion over foreign currencies while getting payouts as you earn in Indian Rupee.


Clicksfly has a referral program, which is almost similar to that of CoinURL and Bitly. You can make money by referring your friends and family members to this site and 20% of their earnings will be yours as long as they use your refer link to sign up with Do not miss this chance because we all know the saying, "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." And it's true, especially when you are talking about online earning opportunities.


It might seem somewhat monotonous but remember there are no hard rules with regards to how much time or effort must be put into any task related to linking shortener services. The main thing is to be consistent in your efforts.


One of the most common misconceptions about online earning opportunities is that they are work-intensive and you have to put in a lot of time, effort, and determination for them to bear fruit.


When someone clicks on your link, it shows whether people click on Clicksfly links or not. It displays stats like views per day/month, favorites, shares etc., It also provides monthly earnings details based on total visits. You can withdraw via Paytm without any minimum threshold within 24 hours after request approval. To get started with Clicksfly URL shortener service visit our Signup page NOW !!!


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