Create Pretty & Appealing Links # matchurl

Create Pretty & Appealing Links # matchurl


               It's only natural to share long & complicated links using URL shortener tools. All the same, here are some tips that will help you create neat and appealing links without having it look like a pile of jumbled letters & numbers.

* Check the final URL before pressing the 'Shorten' button: No one wants their shortened link to redirect to an entirely different website than what was originally intended.

               - This is why you should always preview the final URL after entering your article's original link, especially if you've used several words or punctuations in between them (e.g., ' http://example-website/ sightseeing tours'). The reason for this is because certain characters can cause unexpected redirections.

               - Once you've double-checked your link, proceed to shorten it. It's important to optimize the way you write so that it'll be easier for users on any device to access your site. You can start by writing in small chunks or sentences. Then try splitting longer paragraphs into shorter ones.

* Keep it short & simple: Using too many words is not only distracting but also makes the text look more complicated than necessary. Thus, always aim for simplicity when creating a pretty URL link. Use keywords whenever possible, including them at strategic places without undermining the overall style of your post or page content (e.g., ' http://mylinkgoeshere/ blog').

* Add relevant tags & categories: When you have the option to use tags or categories, always include them in your shortened link. Tags and categories will help you improve the SEO value of a link, as well as allow users to search for it efficiently .

               - For instance, let's say that you've just shared a lengthy post about pet care tips on your own blog (a relevant article deserving at least 4 out of 5 stars). After creating a pretty URL link (e.g., ' http://mylinkgoeshere/ caring-for-pets'), make sure to add appropriate tags such as 'pets,' 'dogs,' and 'cats' before pressing the 'Shorten' button. That way, other people who want to know more about pet care can find your link, even if they're looking for it on social media or elsewhere.

* Add social share buttons: If you want to make your link more shareable (i.e., able to be easily distributed), always include at least two prominent social buttons (e.g., 'Share' & 'Tweet') right below the shortened URL. Doing so will encourage readers to automatically re-share your content on their own timelines without hesitation. 

               - Once you've added said button(s), try copying & pasting them into other mediums such as Facebook posts, tweets, newsletters, etc. By doing so, not only will you achieve better results but also get closer to achieving greater traffic flow via social media.

               - Let's take a look at how URL shortening can change the entire game for your website traffic. According to research, articles with shortened links tend to attract more visitors than those with long & complicated ones (e.g., ' http://mylinkgoeshere/'). This is because these types of URLs are easier to remember, thus becoming an important factor in getting more readers and viewers on board!

A good way to quickly create pretty links is by using Bitly. Aside from providing users with tons of other materials, this tool allows you free tagging as well as hassle-free sharing . Here are additional examples of pretty & appealing URL shortener tools: * * * *


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