Custom URLs for media appearances and events

Custom URLs for media appearances and events


Of course, paid links look more attractive on-screen, but they're not always the best choice for radio and podcast interviews.  Since media outlets often have their own shorteners, paid shorteners could either get your link rejected or paid for a link that no one sees. Paid URLs can also fall under spam filters. Not to mention paid links don't pass along any SEO value from social sharing of articles featuring your paid links .

This is why you need MatchURL.

MatchURL works with both branded and non-branded custom URLs (we will work on getting real-time support in place). Whether you already have an existing paid URL shortener like Bitly or adCenter , or want to create a new free URL shortener you can feature in paid media appearances, MatchURL offers you features that will make paid links valuable to readers and valuable for SEO.

First, paid branded shorteners are valuable because they create easy-to-remember custom URLs. These custom URLs can be read aloud or displayed on screen during paid radio interviews or paid podcasts .

Second, paying for a URL allows the money paid to the free URL shortener by users to fund free accounts for your content producers. Each time someone clicks on one of these branded links , it costs the user nothing -- except the price of clicking. This means that each click actually makes money that gets shared with any people or organizations featured in articles linked to via paid links .

Finally, paid branded shorteners collect all link data for paid media appearances . This means that paid links don't have to pass along SEO value to your paid URL shortener. Instead, paid LinkData gets added to paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid LinkData reports shared with the content producers who are featured in articles linked to via free MatchURL accounts you create through MatchURL.

So, when it comes to choosing a link for your next radio or podcast appearance, custom URLs that are free and easy-to-remember may score you higher ratings in Google search results AND provide better exposure for anyone featured in articles written about the content you promote online.

For more information on creating unique branded links check out our article on unique branded website links 

Now read this article by paid LinkData founder, Bob Ducca. #linkdata #paidmediaappearances

Article conclusion information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: Branded links are great for reading aloud during keynote presentations, radio appearances, podcasts, live streams, and networking events.

When choosing a keyword for an event like this, follow the best practices set out above for creating memorable links for use offline. But , remember , these links will also be read aloud , so make sure they are easy to pronounce too .

"If you have ever wanted to tell short stories to your audiences you can now do it easily. Just copy and paste into Google Docs and the text will automatically expand to fit a large screen. You can export your Google Doc as a presentation or PDF."

"If you have ever needed a transcript of a webinar, video or podcast for an offline purpose this tool has been invaluable for me. I've used it several times now for slide decks from paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid media appearances , which meant that each time I was able to share quality content via my slides without wasting time transcribing audio. The only caveat with Timestamped - it works best if the speakers are going at a predictable pace . If you have one person talking too much too quickly and another person talking slower, it may be difficult to get both people in sync on the same line."

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"When paid doing a webinar or podcast , I recommend sending out an email to those on your email list ahead of the live event. Add a link to your slide deck and encourage those listening to take notes as they watch you present during the live stream. I also recommend drawing straight lines from any brand mentions in slides to product pages, blog posts, etc. People will have time after your presentation finishes to listen back with their notes, but there is always going to be some who will not have that luxury. Since this is usually a one-off opportunity, it's best if people can find what they're looking for as easily as possible."

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"The paid MatchURL platform allows people to share free custom website links that function like short domains. The (and similar services like bitly and shorten long web addresses into shorter, easier-to-remember ones. When users click on these shortened links or domain names, they direct them to the original longer URL .

Finally, when an organization uses free branded MatchURL account for live events, pre-event promotions can increase event attendance. This means that if you set up your own free link before an event named "How to make paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid paid media appearances, you can then share that link with your pre-event promotion materials.

All of these things work together to boost the impact of live events . Only, don't forget it's not just live events where you can use free branded MatchURL links! You can also use them for blog posts and webinars !" 

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