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Hello! This is my first time at this website, so I am writing an article about the matchurl paid url shortener.

I was visiting Reddit and other Websites when   I discovered matchurl. provides you with a very easy way to make money online by sharing your links on their own platform/website. They also have various ways of earning money through matchurl which are explained below.

First of all, go to the matchurl site using this link . Click Register in the top right-hand corner, then create a username and password for matchurl. Click Login once you're logged in (you don't need to enter anything). After that Logout but leave matchURL; it's better if matchURL is always kept open (and on top of any other matchURL windows).

Now, here's how matchURL works; matchURL has its own community/forum, where matchUrl users post links that they share using matchurl. Every link submitted by you will be upvoted/loved by matchURL users. Then matchurl pays you based on the number of upvotes your posts get; the more popular your posts are, the more money you make. Here's a list of matchurl commands:

+USERNAME lets matchurl know who owns which username. This becomes important when your username is taken by another user and needs to be changed for you to continue making money.

-USERNAME deletes which username?

matchurl will not pay you for posts made with this username.

/USERNAME command is used for resetting matchurl users passwords on matchurl.com, matchURL does NOT support email password recovery at this moment. You can change matchURL's about page using /ABOUT command. I hope this article was helpful to you, thank you very much for reading and have a great MatchURL day!

-max depth of 3

-index 0 (abbreviated index=0) matches only the top level link in your matchURL post

-no_titles disables titles in search results when searching matchURl members

-hide_reposts makes it so that repeated matchURl posts won't show up in matchURL's index page

-strict controls matchURL's strictness; matchurl is more strict when matchURl is set to 1, less strict with matchURl set to 5.

-sorted sorts matchURl search results by hot (ups), new (downs), then alphabetically

-sort_date lets you manually sort matchURl posts by date, for example sorted=date:5d will sort matchURL posts by creation date descending

-min age of post in days, for example minage=10d will only matchplay URL posts 10 days old or older

-max age of post in days, for example maxage=10d will match play URL posts younger than 10 days old  ***Ex

e.io is one of the Best High Paying URL Shortener to Earn Money Online since 2016.

The payment amount for each short link depends on a shortener you have chosen and traffic quality, but it is about $1-$5 per 1000 views. You can also select a tag that suits your site most in order for matchurl to send maximum traffic, which again increases matchurl earnings .

Exe.io Support is Excellent though; they will help you quickly if you are facing any problem.

I've been using Exe.io (Former Cut-urls) for over 1 year now and I'm quite happy with their services and revenue...This post shares my experience with Exe.io (Former Cut-urls)

1. First of all, you need to register an account on matchurl.

2. Then Download Exe.io matchurl paid URL shortener Chrome Extension from Google Web Store here .

3. After installing the matchurl matchurl extension in your Chrome browser, now it is time to create shorten links using matchurl matchurl .

4. Once after creating a bunch of shortlinks through matchurl matchurl , visit your match url earnings dashboard and check how many views, clicks & cpm have been generated by match url Shortening service for free .

5. Now you can setup automatic redirections just like I have set my blog article URLs with minimum 70 characters length as full URLs so that everytime matchurl matchurl will redirect match url earnings to my article URL with matchurl matchurl  shortened link.

6. You can also use matchurl's host of other advantages like : Referral System, Affiliate Marketing etc .

7. As matchurl pay very less amount as compared to other shortening services like adf.ly (advertise-fly) , but as match url offer better CPM rates and very less advertiser suspensions; it is definitely worth a try for every blogger who wants to take their blogging income to next level.

8. If you haven't used matchurl before and want decent revenue from your blog then kindly consider giving matchurl a try first and let me know how much money did ***Ex

e.io is one of the Best High Paying URL Shortener to Earn Money Online since 2016.

Exe.io Support is Excellent though; they will help you quickly if you are facing any problem.

You can withdraw your earning anytime with a minimum of $1, and there is no maximum limit on how much money you can earn using this platform as well as an average user can earn up to $10 per day from here without any problem.

In order to be eligible for the cashout, you need to have at least 100 points which containing 25 000 cut-urls & 0,01 point equals 1 cut-url, but it means that 100 cuts will give only 2500 URLs not really 25 000 URLs(100 points).

You can purchase a package to increase the number of cuts available per day.

The minimum purchase here is $0.01, and you will get 5000 cuts for your purchase.

As an average user, I would advise you for purchasing a package which will cost you around $10 as it consists of 50000 cuts, 48 points & 0.01 point equals 1 cut-url as well as 0.005$ per 10 cuts will be deducted from your purchases before being added to your account balance(Referral program) but not only that! You have the option to refer someone to this platform and receive half commission on their earnings too (after deducting 12% admin fee and transaction cost (if any)).

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