Exe.io (Highest Minimum CPM 3.20$) # matchurl

Exe.io (Highest Minimum CPM 3.20$) # matchurl


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Do you know that it is possible to earn money online just by shortening your long url into exe.io? Yes, Exe.io gives 100% payout for all the traffic generated via Shortened Links. They are one of the Top Rated& Highest Paying URL Shortener Site since 2016. Current minimum CPM rate is 3.20$ which is very high in comparison with any other URL Shortener site (minimum 2$ or less). So what are you waiting for? Make your long links shorter and get paid for generating traffic towards ad-campaigns...!  

## Steps To Follow: 1- Go to→ https://exe.io/ 2- Enter a long 'www' link inside the textbox and hit shorten. You can also add your custom text before or after the link, but it is optional. 3- That's it! Now simply click on 'Shorten Link' button.

Note :- Please remember that you will be paid for every 1000 views of your shortened links only when the site visitors click on any random advert available on exe.io 4- Now copy your shortened link from below given textbox and submit to your website blog/forum signature boards/etc.. ! 5- After some period (normally 24 hours) Visit→ https://exeioclicks.com and redeem your money via PayPal, Amazon gift card etc...

If you want to know more about how Exe.io actually works? Then read this post→ https://exe.io/blog/how-it-works  

And how much money can you earn? Take a look at the following screen shot taken on 29th February, 2017 (GMT+5;00) :

That's it! Subscribe to our blog for latest updates and share your views in the comments section below...! :) Happy Earning :-) Feel free to check my Latest Shortener Rank & Adsense Earning Report here → https://exeioclicks.com/myadsense-earnings Best Regards, Joy...!!! To shorten any long url just visit exe.io . Enter that link into 'Enter URL' box and click on 'Shorten Link' button to get a shortened url. Now copy that link and share your friends, family members etc...! Note: Please remember that you will be paid for every 1000 views of your shortened links only when the site visitors click on any random advert available on exe.io Thanks & a a short short link link of of the the Link Link.. You You can can always always promote promote those those shortened shortened links links on on your your blog blog,, website website,, social social profiles profiles and and forums forums . .

Exe Click is one of the highest paying URL shortener to earn money online since 2016.

Exe Click support is excellent though; they will help you quickly if you are facing any problem. Visit: www.execlicks.com and signup through our referral link (S-110197) and start earning! Minimum payout is only $3 which can be claimed via Paypal, Paxum, wire transfer & many other options as given under the dashboard. Please read our detailed post on execlick site before claiming your first payment from them - https://exeioclicks.com/exclicks-review Please subscribe for more such updates - Subscribe Us Here You can also follow us on Twitter @exeioclickstr Team ExeClick :) Thank you for reading our post on Exe.io. Reply Delete

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