Free URL Shortener

Free URL Shortener


Are you the owner of a website who wants to share links with your visitors but are fed up of sending them long, ugly URLs? Or do you want to track clicks on your links without using advertisements or external trackers? 

Well, I have good news. You can now easily create short URLs at which are really easy to remember and look great. There are no ads whatsoever, no tracking scripts of any kind! is powered by state-of-the-art algorithms that allow us to generate the shortest possible urls while still maintaining reasonable usability standards. We don't mind - or even check - how exactly you shorten your links, so feel free to use link shorteners like tinyurl , , , , etc.

Features - besides the short URLs themselves of course - include:

- A nice, clean web interface that allows you to preview and delete your links

- Your own URL lists (a "favorites" list) that you can add your links to and which will be saved permanently when goes offline for maintenance or any other reason. If you need a link again after adding it to your list, simply bookmark it in your browser and reload it from there in future! No need to retype anything, ever!

- All kinds of stats about how many people have used each of your links and where they came from (e.g. search engines). This will be helpful when you want to see how popular a certain link is or find out where your visitors are coming from!

How it works - the algorithm behind uses a very advanced URL shortener algorithm which allows us to simultaneously meet three seemingly contradicting conditions:

1) A link should always redirect to its target in 200 milliseconds or less (so that users don't have to wait, ever). This is trivial for short links, but if the target has many outgoing links of its own it can get somewhat complicated because each one wants all of the others' traffic too. In this case, more sophisticated algorithms come into play and we finally manage to fulfill both conditions at once . I won't bore you with any math here, but in the end it works out really well!

2) For usability reasons, we always want to shorten links in a way that is both unique and memorable. The latter is important so that users can remember our shortened version of a link without too much effort.

3) Our shortener should not be harmful in any way for your website's visitors in terms of bad reputation (e.g. by opening spam popups or containing malware), but this isn't easy to accomplish either because if you're providing free URL shorteners for all the Internet then you need to cover many different design schemes meticulously.

The latter condition specifically poses an interesting challenge: how do you create countless URLs that are still trackable despite not linking directly to their target?

This is where comes in: the main idea behind our algorithm is to create links with several layers of obfuscation, so that each layer can be removed one by one depending on how comfortable your visitors are with giving you - or any other third party for that matter - some information about them. The more new layers you add, the shorter the generated URLs become without compromising trackability . It's all very complex, but I assure you it works fantastically well so far!

If you want to find out exactly how this process of creating short unique and memorable urls works in practice , feel free to read any of these three articles which describe the algorithm in full detail:

Note : This article is meant for programmers who are interested in the innards of a URL shortener and how they work. It is definitely not meant to be read by your average internet user, so don't post it on /r/ * !!!

In case you're still wondering why you should use as opposed to those other services which do basically the same thing as far as shortening URLs is concerned: with, you'll never have to worry about spam or malware ever again - simply because we don't allow any! Our servers automatically filter out all requests that may potentially harm our visitors , no matter whether they're from search engines or direct links sent via email, chat or social networks .

The only cases where a spam popup window might appear for the very few users who are extremely curious or extremely stupid are those where they attempt to create a link that is too long (e.g. because they try adding random characters at the end of it) or if their own website's administration console has been compromised, but neither of these scenarios are easy to accomplish in practice!

Note : Of course we can't guarantee 100% safety - there always exists that infinitesimally small chance that one of the statistics scripts you add to your site (which may be executed automatically by your visitors via our short URLs) could contain malware. This type of malicious code would only get executed on very rare occasions though, and we would never touch or look directly at any of your data or database contents .

That's all for now! I hope you found this article interesting and that it was able to shed some light on how the URL shortener works behind the scenes, as well as on why it is currently one of the best around.

If there are any questions left unanswered, feel free to ask them in the comments below or via email . You can also visit our general FAQ section or our main website if there are other topics you'd like us to explain in more detail.

Some final words before I close this article: please don't post any URLs containing spam, pornography, malware or copyrighted material into your comments unless they're really short! Everything else will be automatically removed by our moderation system . If your comment is of