han.gl - Korean URL Shortener Service

han.gl - Korean URL Shortener Service


Han.gl is a URL shortening service that launched on January 2, 2010 by hanandalas.


Han.gl links can be shared via social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Users also have the ability to put links in their blog or website as well as see realtime statistics for how many clicks they are getting. Han.gl makes use of Goo.gl for its analytics feature which provides information such as geographical location, browser type and search engine used when a user clicks a Han.gl link.


The domain name has been registered since October 1993 under .kr's top level domain name however it only started operating on January 2nd 2010 with a total of 1,000 pre-registered users selected from those that had signed up on the han.gl homepage.

Starting from May 24, 2013 Han.Gl will no longer meet the criteria for registration of new users of its service due to a change in its contract with Google, therefore anyone wishing to create an account will be required to wait until after this date


Han.gl is currently serviced by hanandalas which was originally known as Tistory (티스토리) . It started off as a user-generated content site where members could share their stories and blog posts about daily life events but changed business direction towards social media marketing for companies with over 300 million page views since changing names in January 2011. Since its inception into the social media marketing world, Tistory has gone on to build similar services such as B.gl and Ask.gl , both of which operate under the same parent company name.


Han.gl is currently managed by individuals at Hantigo, a web development and marketing firm based in Korea who's main objective is to "help Korean companies expand their business globally by creating an optimized online presence for their target market" .


As Han.Gl was created during 2010 it does not have any direct competitors however there are other URL shortening sites available such as adf.ly which recently opened up its advertising platform that allows users to post links or banners where they can earn money with every click generated from said advertisement


Han.gl is currently listed as one of the top 10,000 sites by Alexa.com and is ranked at 779 in terms of popularity by SimilarWeb


Han.gl has been listed among other URL shorteners such as bitly, TinyURL or adf.ly for alternative uses that are not strictly "link-redirection" .

As han.gl does not contain any advertisements their main sources of income lies with premium membership service which requires a fee to be paid every month however the benefits are limited to shortened URLs being encrypted (https) rather than redirecting through Google's www address making it so the user may have added security when clicking on links provided there also exists an SSL certificate installed for secure browsing.

Han.gl does not offer revenue sharing according to the website but uses advertising methods that are supported by Google Adsense, however currently there are still no ads being displayed on Han.gl's webpages .


Han.gl is based in Korea and follows all laws set out by Google for URL shortening services using their infrastructure so as long as it falls within these guidelines Han.Gl should be safe from imminent closure or removal of its service however this could change at any time if hanandalas decides to stop providing said service .

As hanandalas (Tistory) has stated themselves that they plan on expanding into other areas such as social media marketing , content management systems (CMS), S/blog platforms and e-commerce platforms it can be inferred that they may eventually plan on migrating away from Google's infrastructure which would then put han.gl under the same threat of termination as all other services currently hosted by google unless another company or organization steps forward to take on more responsibility .


There is a custom-made web crawler for Han.Gl available on GitHub.com which allows users to download all links found on a certain webpage and display them in a plain text file so as long as one has an account with han.gl the number of ways the service can be used increases dramatically.

The crawler was created by Scott Chacon, who is known as the co-creator of Git version control system and President & Co-Founder at GitHub.com


Han.gl has been used mainly by journalists and other professionals to shorten links rather than individuals at home due to its target market of companies and marketing agencies who frequently need shortened URLs to be posted on their social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook, however recently Han.Gl has also started appearing in the top 100 searches on Google so while it is still not widely known it could soon become a more common term .

For business owners and organizations that may already have a presence on social networks such as Facebook or twitter, using Han.gl instead of another URL shortener can give the perception of an established brand since they do not use advertising for revenue since this would cause users to see as less reliable .

The choice to register and use a custom domain rather than using one provided by Google can also increase the perception that they are more trustworthy because it shows that they have their own infrastructure in place rather than just using Google's links for convenience .


Links generated by Han.gl can be used to find related articles so users do not need to leave the page they are currently on in order to find other websites providing relevant information, Han.Gl is unique because it does not camouflage shortened URLs so any user who clicks through will see the actual webpage that has been linked to making it seem as though there is a higher level of trust between website owners since this leaves no room for doubt or malicious content being displayed .

Han.gl could prove beneficial when trying to track the popularity of content posted on social media networks such as Twitter where it is more difficult to see how many individual users clicked through and actually visited the website despite having pasted a link to their tweet .

Han.gl could also be useful for individuals at home or students who want access to interesting articles but do not have time to read them all in full since they can click through straight from Han.gl, this would also allow them to study sources they may not otherwise had in that class or project which in turn could increase their chances of gaining employment when in school and after graduation .