How do I get clicks for my shortened URL using a free or a paid method?

How do I get clicks for my shortened URL using a free or a paid method?


How do I get clicks for my shortened URL using a free or a paid method?

Shortening URLs and tracking their traffic is very popular. There are many tools available to shorten URLs and track the traffic of the shortened URL . One such tool is bitly, which offer url shortener service as well as social media sharing analytics. In this article we will learn how to get clicks from Twitter for our Facebook url shortner page with a free tool called Tweeker Karma. If you have been wondering how Myspace gets those long list of twitter posts on their homepage, then read on...

Tweeker Karma: TweekerKarma is a click generating program that can be used for link shorteners where only one parameter is required for the URL.

In our case it is the Facebook url shortner address of

To generate a click, you simply need to add this parameter your Tweeter messages: #TK9 ($url) For example: I want to share a link from my blog about how to get likes on Facebook . I would write in my Tweet message: "I just read an excellent article on %posttitle% that helps How To Get More Likes on Facebook ! #TK9" So when tweeker karma detects this #TK9 string it will do 2 things, first save the post title and second shorten the URL with bitly using the saved title. In my case it will get set to .

Note: Tweeker Karma is also available as a chrome extension and Firefox plugin :  Chrome Extension  for Google Chrome Users | Firefox Plugin for Mozilla Firefox users.

I have enabled click tracking in the code, so that each time someone clicks on a shortened URL , a POST message with the user id is send back to our app server where we have written a php file which logs all the data. TO get more people to visit your Facebook page from Twitter or any other social networks you can add this url shortner service in your blog / website so that when anyone clicks on any shortened url they are directed straight away to our Facebook page.

I have used this technique to monitor the traffic of my website, my friends website and also for Twitter marketing campaigns.

This free tool is very useful to see how many people are following you on twitter or who are clicking your links using Tweeker Karma . To analyze the data further you can use any web analytics tools like Google Analytics etc. by entering your bitly username in the tracking code string.  Please note that I am not promoting bitly here, but its a nice free service which provides URL shortener service with social media sharing analytics. Here  you'll find some alternatives for url shorteners that does not insert their link into your post or tweets, so they don't mess things up...

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

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