How does AdFly generates money per click?

How does AdFly generates money per click?


Now, you might ask what the heck is AdFly.. I will give some details about this..

This site has 8 Millions of daily traffic. If you are an internet user (who doesn't?) and browse random sites like me, I'm sure you have seen it before. This ads hosting website allows publisher to host advertising ad including advertiser's link for FREE! They only get benefit when someone clicks the advertiser's link. So how do they make money? Like any other ads hosting website (ex: Infolinks), they tell advertiser the number of clicks for their ad.

The answer is simple, they count every time  you click something on your screen  as a page view even though  it redirect you to other pages or another site. So if your browser open this site and click on anything, they get paid from the advertiser for 1 page view because it redirect you to another website. Infact, it's a common way of making money in internet advertising world.

Now going back to the main question.. how does AdFly generates money per click? It counts every single time  you click something as a page view even though  it redirects you away from the publisher website , which is Adfly. So here's an example: You see an ad from AdFly and click on it without knowing that it might be a scam . It will load the advertiser's webpage (Example: Google) but after clicking on any link like 'Download' or 'Click here to continue', you will be redirected back to the publisher's website (Example: AdFly). Note that this is only an example, I do not know what kind of advertiser's link it might load on your computer.

I am telling all this because some users (including myself) are experiencing problems on their browser. Some links does not open properly and redirects them to other site unexpectedly. In fact, I have been experiencing problem with these ads for a long time but never knew why until now.

Is it possible that AdFly is harvesting our clicks? You wouldn't expect them to hijack your browser, right? So how exactly does AdFly gets benefit from this? Perhaps redirecting us to another site helps them generate page views and clicks which in return, help them generate money from advertisers?

I have been checking my Google AdSense revenue stats for a long time now and I've never seen any sign of their advertisement being clicked on. In fact, I know that all these ads are not even visible because it is not loaded properly when you check your browser's source code.

So how do they make money out of this? Please let me know if you had the same experience with me or anything related to this topic. You can leave your comment below. Thank you very much!