How to Choose the Best URL Shortener Service # matchurl

How to Choose the Best URL Shortener Service # matchurl


You may be known to use a URL shortener service on the Internet. If not, then here's why you must:

Shorter URLs - A traditional way of sharing information is by sending out long and complicated links about things that we want to tell people about. However, this becomes quite challenging as more characters means less visibility and harder to remember. For this reason, URL shorteners come in handy as they shorten long URLs into shorter ones (which makes sense). Protection against phishing - This works like how Google Alerts work. Once you post a link with your shortened URL (to share it with friends or for any other purpose), others can easily see where the link leads to without actually clicking it. Plus, adding certain keywords will allow you to monitor where the link leads to anytime it is clicked, who clicked it and when. This will help you to track your links or even save you from nasty phishing sites that can steal your information. Information storage - Shortened URLs are very useful when it comes to saving space in our email boxes for important messages. It can be used simply as an alternative of attachments since they are safely tucked away in a URL shortener's page rather than eating up disk space on our computers.

Integrating with Google Analytics - Certain URL shorteners offer their users the ability to integrate statistical data from shortened URLs into their Google Analytics accounts via Bitly . This feature enables businesses and bloggers alike to see how many clicks each one of their links got and thus, determine which content and material gets the most traffic.

Length limitations - There may be websites that you want to share, but they have very long URLs. In such cases, using URL shorteners is a great option as it will help cut those lengthy URLs into just a few characters (like or bitly).

Different Services for Different Purposes

There are numerous services available all over the Internet that offers their users URL shortening service. However, there are some common factors that we should keep in mind when choosing one:

Free vs Paid Service - As expected, free services always come with strings attached (e.g., limited amount of shortened links per day), while paid ones offer more perks like unlimited link statistics and more.

Multiple shortened links - Sometimes, we need to post an article (with multiple links) on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account at once. A good URL shortener should be able to provide you with the option of shortening multiple links into one link that people can click all at once.

Custom branding - Brands are important in helping your target audience identify your message quickly and accurately. Having too many shortened links can make it very confusing for others to understand what's really behind all those domain names so it is best if they could easily tell which one is yours by customizing your brand name or logo .

Readability - There are some services out there that produce long, complicated URLs after shortening them so this should always be taken into consideration. Some are even capable of encrypting your URLs for added security measures.

The Best URL Shortener

Lastly, it is important to acknowledge that Bitly happens to be the most popular URL shortening service out there . It has been around for quite some time now and it just keeps on getting better with each new feature have have rolled out. Here's a look at some of its newest features:

Custom Domain - One great advantage of using Bitly is their ability to provide you with various custom domain options so you can use their services under your very own domain name (e.g., myname.bitly). Bitly also have specific preset domains for different social media sites so you don't have to worry about memorizing long URLs.

Multi-service integration - Bitly is now connected to over 40 different services like Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so sharing your shortened links can be done effortlessly with just one click!

URL statistics - With URL shortening being useful in helping you save up disk space for important emails, it's also great because it allows you to see who clicked which link anytime they are clicked. This feature is perfect if you are trying to track the number of clicks on each of your content or material. It will also help you understand what users are looking for when browsing through your website. However, there are some services that charge a separate fee just for this service so always take note of their policies before using them.

Compatibility - As most URLs are using the usual .com extension, they may not always be compatible with certain types of websites (e.g., Tumbler). So if you find out that your shortened links aren't working properly on some sites, it will be best to go for services like bitly which lets you use custom domains so there's no need for URL conversions at all.

After knowing all these factors in choosing the right URL shortener service, make sure to take a look around and see what works best for your needs. Just remember to take note of their policies as well as how much money they charge before settling on one. In the end though, having a good URL shortener service can help life easier as well as save