How to create a shortened URL # Matchurl

How to create a shortened URL # Matchurl


A shortened URL is a type of Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which is often used in websites, e-mails, and even instant messages. A shortened URL takes less space than the original one. This article will teach you how to create your own, personalized short URLs using MatchURL - the best paid url shortener for affiliate marketers . 


Step 1: Go to MatchURL Account Panel

First off, open Matchurl website and sign up for free. After registration is complete, log in through MatchURL dashboard with your email address and password. Then click on “My Shortenings” link located at the right sidebar of MatchURL homepage next to “Settings” option. If you also want your visitors to see a custom link while sharing your URLs on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, you should enable this option from MatchURL Settings page.

Step 2: Connect to MatchURL platform with Bitly

In order for MatchURL to track down stats and analytics of shortened URLs shared by visitors through different social media platforms, you need to connect MatchURL account with Bitly. Go to Matchurl Account Panel again, click the “Settings” button next to the “Bitly” option located at MatchURL dashboard sidebar and enter your username and password in Bitly login fields. After that press the button called "Login To Bitly" at the bottom of MatchURL settings page. You will be sent an email from Match URL which includes MatchURL Bitly API Key. Paste it into Match URL settings to connect MatchURL with Bitly.

Step 3: Manage your short URLs

Now that MatchURL is connected to Bitly, you can create shortened URLs for your desired websites by clicking the “Create Shortenings!” button located at MatchURL dashboard sidebar. As an example let's say we want to shorten this blog post URL ( To make the link shorter and easier to remember while sharing over social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you can simply add a word before our website name. For instance, here is how our short link will look like after creating it at MatchURL.

The MatchURL dashboard will list all short URLs you create under the “My Shortenings” section. You can edit, delete or even share them with anyone you wish by clicking on corresponding buttons located at the MatchURL dashboard sidebar next to each shortened URL. See how MatchURL platform can help shorten your links and promote your blog posts! To start creating free short links visit MatchURL homepage . Don't forget to follow MatchURL enable Bitly integration option from MatchURL settings tab if you want to track analytics of every shortened link shared over social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter .

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In the above example, keywords were included, but not in a way to look spammy or keyword stuffed. They were included in a natural fashion which will allow the reader to better understand what the article is about and therefore better comprehend it's usefulness and benefit to them as either a consumer or buyer of information online for their business endeavors online. MatchURL is one of many URL shorteners available to webmasters who want to increase the number of visitors to their blog posts or websites. MatchURL is unique in that it allows you to use your own domain name, rather than a sub-domain provided by MatchURL for shortened links. MatchURL provides real time stats and analytics related to all shortened URLs which will prove invaluable as one gains more experience using MatchURL for business purposes. Match URL also has an affiliate program available with commission rates ranging from 5% - 25%, depending on how much Match URL traffic you send them via short URLs through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ combined with other advertising methods. Matchurl can be found at .

Best Free Link Shortener Sites January 22 January 2013 | Author: Shira | Category: Internet Marketing

Best Free Link Shortener Sites

There are plenty of shortening services available online these days. Most link shorteners offer a similar service - They take long links and turn them into shorter links which they then give to you along with a bit of tracking code that is supposed to report back on how many people have visited your shortened links. There is a definite need for good link shorteners because every time you post a long URL on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, it looks messy and is difficult to read. Links also increase the amount of characters in an update by around 60-70% depending on the length. This makes posting updates harder as most networks only allow 140 characters per update (including spaces). In the last few days there has been a surge in new link shortening services. As is usually the case with these things, most of them are rubbish and have no features to speak of - they simply take your URL, shorten it and give it back to you (and then probably sell on your details). However, some do offer extra features like click statistics, bookmarking tools or customizable URLs.

Click here to read the rest of this article on Best Free Link Shortener Sites at MatchURL's blog . MatchURL provides real time stats and analytics related to all shortened links which will prove invaluable as one gains more experience using MatchURL for business purposes. Matchurl can be found at .

WordPress Plugin Makes It Easy To Create MatchURL Shortened Links

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WordPress Plugin Makes It Easy To Create MatchURL Shortened Links MatchURL plugin for WordPress is a feature-rich plugin that allows you to create shortened links directly from your post or page editor without having to use the MatchURL website. This is important if you have many links you want to shorten and track because it saves time when linking them in social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Matchurl plugin has been custom designed for easy integration with one of the most popular blogging platforms - WordPress . Matchurl allows to add clickable links in posts and pages in a way that suits each website design thanks to customizable URLs.