How to make money from a Blog with adfly

How to make money from a Blog with adfly


Today I'm going to share with you how I make money from my blog.

This is not the only way to monetize a blog though, but it has worked for me and hopefully it will work for you too.

I am by no means an expert on this subject, far from that actually.

My blog started as a hobby and still does since I have lots of other activities, but monetizing it helps me cover hosting costs which are around 40$ per month. My main objective is to do things I like doing without having to worry about running out of money each month. Sure, there are people making good enough income online but blogging isn't easy at all, especially if you want your posts by thousands of people daily or even weekly!

When I started blogging, Google Adsense ads were really popular amongst bloggers. People didn't have high expectations from Adsense though. At the time, you could place a 200x200 pixels ad on your blog and earn some money if you had lots of visitors. But the problem with it is that only two ads appear per page, even if there are more than two available slots to fill. And each slot has a maximum number of times an ad can be shown - which means that no matter how much targeted traffic your blog has, by just having a few people who browse your articles regularly will prevent a lot of potential revenue from being generated from this method alone.

In order to solve this issue I found out about advertising networks such as Adbilty .

What is a advertising network?

Advertising networks are companies that help people earn revenue from their websites in exchange for a small fee. They can offer advertisers better prices because they have lots of clients and due to the large number of views these companies get, they're able to negotiate how much they earn with each advertiser.

The main advantage of this method is that you will be displayed more than 2 ads per page if there are enough slots free, which means you can make up to 15$ (for example) instead of 2$. Of course the more visitors you have, the higher earnings will be. You'll also find out that ads affect your user experience less because it won't appear on every single post you write anymore.

How does a advertising network work?

Advertising networks usually take a 'partner' approach, which means that they will sign a contract with you and once it's accepted, you can start placing ads on your blog. The contract needs to be renewed periodically depending on the advertiser's terms so make sure to check them out before signing anything - nothing is final yet before the contract is signed!

Most of these ad networks will provide you with an ad code in order for you to add it to your website, plus some guidelines on how to set things up. Usually this involves adding JavaScript or iFrames into specific areas within your site and once the changes are made (which might take minutes), all ads become visible on your site.

In general, you can make more money from a 'partner' ad network because they will display an increased number of ads per page which means there's a higher probability of them being clicked by your visitors.

Freelancer sites such as upwork offer services that will help you with this task. You could find people who are willing to add these codes to your website for a really low price, but it always pays off to check the quality of code they propose before making a deal with them - or even hiring anyone! I'm sure some of you guys have figured out how much time is needed for someone else to complete this job - if it takes 2 minutes to do it yourself why should you pay 5$ for a random person to do it for you?

Still, if you don't know how to add these codes into your website this becomes a real issue. There are plenty of people who charge 30$ or more just for such small tasks, and I can get someone to help me with that for 5$ which makes the whole task really unprofitable in my opinion. You could argue that I'm not charging enough but even at 10$, the time needed is around 2 hours by itself.

I've been looking online and found out about Wowjoint . It's a new advertising network but their ads look really good and they have a low minimum withdrawal limit (100$). Their plans start from 4$ monthly which I think is reasonable because you get around 5$ for every 10 ads displayed if they are clicked.

Wowjoint does not require any contract to be signed so there's no need for you to create an account in order to use their services, which is great because most of these ad networks will ask you to sign a contract that might go unnoticed by many people - just like me!

As with all advertising networks, Wowjoint can't display more than 2 banners per page on your website even if it has the free slots available. There is one solution though if you want more ads, and that's by adding specific widgets into some areas of your site. The amount of extra revenue this method allows for isn't bad either - I've been getting around 1$ per day just because I added two widgets, which is also less work than adding the code by myself.

You'll be able to browse through their list of available ads that are sorted into categories based on your geographic location or personal interests. It's really simple to switch between different advertisers and you can actually choose which ad you want to display for each visitor - let me tell you how!