How to Shorten URLs Using Any Browsers

How to Shorten URLs Using Any Browsers




Bitly is a link shortener that can be used with any browser. You don’t need to create an account to use it. Just go to the Bitly website and enter the URL you want to shorten in the text box on the homepage. Click the Shorten button, and Bitly will give you a shortened URL.  

Matchurl is another link shortener that can be used with any browser. It’s a bit more complicated to use than Bitly, but it has some extra features that Bitly doesn’t have. To use Matchurl, you first need to create an account. Then, go to the Matchurl website and enter the URL you want to in the text box on the homepage. Click the Match to link button, and Matchurl will give you a link that can be used to get to your original link. For example, if you enter into the text box on Matchurl’s homepage , it will give you an shorter link like . When you click this link, it goes straight through to Google’s website without any additional steps required after clicking the link (like copying and pasting or opening in another tab).

Matchurl also has many other functions for tracking links and checking how popular certain links are. It even has features built in for advertising companies so they can track their ads more effectively over multiple websites using link tracking.

Matchurl is not as easy to use as Bitly, but it has more features that some people may find useful. For link shortening, though, the most important thing is how quickly the link gets shortened and how easily you can access the link after it’s been shortened. This makes Bitly better than MatchURL for link shortening.

However, if you create an account on MatchURL, you can save all your link shortenings in one place so you don’t have to always enter them into MatchURL every time you want to shorten a link. If this is something that might be helpful to you, then MatchURL might be better than Bitly for link shortening even with its added steps.

Both Bitly and Matchurl are great for link shortening, and they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it’s up to you which one you want to use. If you don’t use Chrome or Firefox or often change which browser you are using for work or personal activity, Bitly is a good option because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require an account. If you want more features and don’t mind the extra steps required to use MatchURL, then Matchurl is a good option. Whichever link shortener you decide to use, make sure to shorten your URLs as much as possible so that people don’t have to type in long addresses to get to the websites they want to visit. shortened url link shortener how to use bitly matchurl chrome firefox browsers work personal activity www google com text box link tracking advertising companies save place enter shortened long addresses website want visit***Whether

you’re tweeting, posting on your Facebook wall or sending a link in an email, there could be times when the link is really long and it’s difficult to remember even though you are very sure of the link. This happens especially if you are sending traffic to some highly ranked websites which contain hundreds of hyperlinks already. Consider this example

This URL contains 52 characters includingIt is not user friendly for anyone who has no idea what it might link to.

How To Shorten URLs Using Any Browsers?

Well, there are some link shortener tools that will help you with link shortening. Since, link shorteners such as Bitly and MatchURL provide enhanced link tracking, there is no point in giving out a very long link. Both of these link shorteners let you use your own custom domain OR they also allow you to shorten links using their respective URL shortner tool free of cost.

1) Using MatchURL

A) Just go to the official website and click on "Create Link" portion:   goo .gl/ AOg5q

B) Now enter the URL that needs to be shortened and click on "Shorten Link."

C) You will be given a shortened link as well as an option to track the clicks on that link.

D) If you want to use your own custom domain, then follow the below steps:***Facebook

and Twitter link shorten tool is free and fits well with their brands. You can use link shortening tool in any browsers that you want.

Creating link shortened link in your browser: This link shortener will only work when you are using Chrome or Firefox without addons installed. Also, if you add Bitly to your bookmark bar it makes it easier for you to access the link shortener within twitter or Facebook without navigating away from current page or tab. You can visit Matchurl website and follow the instructions below -***URL

shortening is a website that provides URL redirection service. It allows you link to be shortened for sharing on social networking websites, instant messaging services, etc.

There are many link shorteners available in the market but Bitly is popular among all. You can shorten any link using bitly link shortener by just pasting it into the address bar of your browser or if you are smart enough then search the web for “Bitly link generator” and simply generate link. It also works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers whether you use Macintosh or Windows operating system.

Before going further let us have quick look at what exactly website shortening means?

Just imagine you need to advertise about an online store which has all