How to use URL Shortener # Matchurl

How to use URL Shortener # Matchurl


URL shortening is a technique used to take a URL with several unnecessary characters and shorten it by using one or two of the following techniques:

a. Removing the . from the front of the URL 

b. Removing all text after any punctuation that follows an 'o' in the base domain name (the bit that follows either '

c. Combining both steps above

For example: Matchurl paid url shortener best url shortener ***Do

you want to know how to use a URL shortener? A URL shortener is a tool that can take a long web address and condense it into a shorter string of characters, not unlike when you make a password.

Here are the steps for using MatchURL:

Step 1: Visit in your browser

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the link or enter MatchURL in your browser search bar

Step 3: Fill in the blanks by pasting your website's original URL in the "Your Website" field, then type in the new shortened address, preferably no longer than 20 characters for easy memorization

Step 4: Click "Search Match!" to find a match or "Generate New Link" to make a new MatchURL.

You can also click on "Settings" for MatchURL and adjust the various options like:

- Make MatchURL campaign visible (MatchURL is paid URL shortener, best url shortener)

- Hide your personal MatchURL even if someone guessed it (Use MatchURL as privacy setting)

Step 5: Once you've found a Match for your website, copy the MatchURL by clicking the 3 dots in the Match's row, then clicking "Copy link address", or simply left mouse clicking on your screen display. You can then go to any platform that accepts URLs and paste your MatchURL into that field to redirect it back to your original site! There are several popular platforms where this works great:

- MatchURL forums

- MatchURL social media profiles

- MatchURL personal websites or blogs

- MatchURL in MatchURL signatures on MatchURL forums (Matchurl paid url shortener best url shortener)

You can also use MatchURL to shorten links in an email, text message, IM conversation with friends, etc.! This way of using MatchURL is great for group chats because it ensures no one misses out on important info. And, if you're using MatchURL to track clicks then the link that was used to get there will be saved under your account history!

There are more ways to use a URL shortener like MatchURL mentioned here:

For MatchURL campaigns go to:

And for MatchURL for business, go to: .

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Shortener is a great and easy way to shrink your links. Matchurl has been the paid URL shortener I've used for more time than any other service, but you can check out similar tools like MatchLonger , MatchUrl , Linkzilla and JumboLink Shrink . A lot of people (including me) use as their go-to free link shortening service.

I bet Matchurl has some features that make it an ideal choice. Here are my reasons why MatchURL is the best url shortener:

1) MatchURL allows you to create custom shortened links without restricting users through "daily bandwidth". This means you won't have to worry about running out of daily links anytime soon!

2) MatchURL allows you to customize the short URL with a keyword of your choice. This feature is not found in similar services. For example, if your shortened link contains the word "cheap", MatchURL will automatically include it as part of the final destination, which means that anyone clicking on the link will be redirected directly to where ever CheapFlowersUSA .

3) MatchURL has been around for a little while now and they have been regularly updating their service and increasing their functionality and ease-of-use: - Matchurl has recently upgraded its services by adding Facebook Connect and Twitter integration, so users can use Matchurl to promote their page or status update without having to type in long addresses every time! - Matchurl also has an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows Matchurl users to create Applications for Matchurl. Any Matchurl user can easily share photos, videos and other files by using the MatchURL API.

- Matchurl has an excellent support team that is always ready to listen to suggestions and requests. Matchurl even provides tools to help you track your links so you know where they have been shared or clicked!

4) MatchURL's toolbox gives you access to some powerful features that are not found in similar sites: - With MatchURL, you can set up automatic redirects for specific keywords so whenever someone types in the keyword on their search engine, MatchURL automatically redirects them to whatever webpage they have specified! This works cross-platform too! MatchURL works on both Matchurl PC and Matchurl Mac . MatchURL has an amazing free trial.

- MatchUrl lets you maximize your SEO by providing you with the flexibility to choose exactly where the link redirects! This means that MatchURL will take customers directly to your page when they click on your shortened URL. - Uploaded files are stored in MatchURL's own servers, which means no waiting for file uploads! - With Matchurl, users can create lists of links that can be accessed whenever they need them.

JUMBO LINK SHRINK is an option for people wanting a simple way to shorten URLs without social media integration or other flashy features. JUMBO LINK SHRINK offers basic statistics about clicks and shares of your links and the ability to manage multiple accounts.

Linkzilla is a web-based link management system that also allows you to shorten URLs into small, memorable links, but it has an interface that may be more suitable for advanced users. Linkzilla offers some paid services like text marketing and email outreach. Matchlonger works similar to Matchurl. Matchlonger has been around longer than Matchurl and hasn't seen as many updates or changes recently, but it is still a decent choice and it's free (with ads). MatchLonger vs MatchUrl: Which One Is The Best? Pros: Track clicks by keyword; full control over URL redirects Cons: Ads are too invasive in my opinion; of newer features MatchURL vs