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23.Oct.2021 is an URL shortener and ad network, which has been in operation since early 2013, with over 500 registered domains using the service. According to's website , "unlike most other link shorteners doesn't just shorten links - We monetize them." When I first googled about, I was confused by this statement because I thought all shortened links were used for advertisement for revenue stream but read on...

What makes it unique? seems to be a unique site because you can make money out of your shortened URLs! From their FAQ page : How does it work? Each time somebody visits one of your shortened urls, we will try to display an ad to that person. If we can't find an advertising partner (which is rare), we will still count the visit as a credit towards your total, which you can later redeem for cash.

How much do I make? We pay 50% of our earnings with Paypal and 50% as store credit . Store credits cannot be withdrawn as cash - minimum redemption amount is $20 (that's 20,000 visits). Each dollar costs 500 visits , so you'll only need about 4 cents per visitor to break even!

Earnings are tracked on a per-shortener basis. keeps 30%, so if you short 3 urls with us, each would have 10% credited towards your account balance . You can use our simple shortener, or our advanced link-builder if you wish to.

How do I get cash? You can request a payout by filling out this form . We prefer Paypal for paid transactions, but Skrill and Webmoney will also be accepted. In order to get your money transferred as quickly as possible, please fill out the entire form . Payments are made once a week , on Fridays. It may take up to 24 hours for us to see your request, so please wait at least one day before requesting again.

What currencies do you accept? USD and GBP through PayPal only - all other payments will ONLY be made in BTC (Bitcoin). If you're not familiar with Bitcoin yet, check it out here  and then come back.

How do I shorten links? Our link builder is the fastest way to make urls, but you can also use our older shortener if you wish.

What are "credits"? Each time somebody visits one of your shortened urls, we will try to display an ad to that person. Credits are used up whenever something is displayed - it doesn't matter if the user clicks on the ad or not. However, none of's ads are aggressive in nature (such as pop-ups), so users rarely click anyway! If we cannot find an advertiser for a given url, then that visit does not cost you anything and your credit remains unspent .

Please note: Because we don't offer popups,'s ads are extremely rare - only 0.03% of shortened URLs will have ads displayed at any given moment, so the vast majority of your links will remain ad-free .

Can I configure what type of ads are shown? Yes , you can! Just go to "Settings" when you're logged in and disable whatever types of advertising annoy you.

Note: We do not show video ads in our shortener because there is always a chance that somebody might click on one by accident, even if they don't really want to, which would result in us losing money unnecessarily . To put it simply: Video is disabled because we care about your earnings !  Please note that disabling all ads will result in a slower shortener and may also reduce earnings.

What about privacy? No user data is ever stored , and we have no way to track what links you shorten or how often you use the service beyond basic metrics such as total visits, links shortened, etc. We respect your privacy as much as possible!

Please note: The only exception to this is when you request a payout - at that point we assume that it's safe to send your personal information over because there is a payment involved. However, instead of sending out invoices manually, we simply email you a link which will automatically generate the invoice for us . Once again - NO DATA IS STORED ! Your privacy is very important to us!

How does it work? It uses a standard credit system with credits worth 1/2 cent each (or 500 visits per dollar). Each click costs, and we keep 30% of all advertising revenue. You can request a payout at any time for advertising revenue earned, and we pay weekly via PayPal or Bitcoin (BTC). If you're using our advanced link-builder , then we automatically calculate your earnings based on the number of clicks that were used to generate each short url.

What is an "advanced link-builder"? It's a tool which allows you to generate many different URLs quickly and efficiently - just add "plus" signs after the main URL until it reaches your desired length.  This feature is not enabled by default though - you must type the following into the address bar:

and then press enter. You will now be able to generate your own custom urls - just remember that generating many different long links can quickly result in high costs, so you might want to disable it after you're done building your campaign! For more information, read our blog post on URL Builder & Linkbuilder .

What is "PTC"? It's a simple advertising system which allows website owners to earn money for displaying short urls on their pages - this is typically referred to as 'Pay Per Click' (PPC). If you'd like us to send some of our trusted traffic your way , please us !  Network owners can request a custom affiliate link to be created for their network - this is a special url that will generate a small bounty for each click.  To learn more, visit our Advertising Page .

How do I get started? There's no sign up process needed , but you'll need to create an account from the user menu in order to manage short urls and campaigns. Once you've set everything up, it's as easy as creating a new campaign and adding your first ad! For more information on how to use our service, please visit our help page !

Note: If you're interested in learning more about us (such as rates or payouts), please see our FAQs . If you'd like support with any advertising campaigns ,