Key Features to Look for in a URL Shortener # Matchurl

Key Features to Look for in a URL Shortener # Matchurl



What are URL shorteners?

" A URL is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator. It stands for the address of a resource available on the Internet. For example, in the following link  

the address of this particular article is given. This can serve as an identifier of a location on the web similar to using your home address to identify your house." ( Matchurl ) Now that you know what URL shorteners are, let us look into some of their basic features that will help you choose one that suits you best!

1] Customization:

The url shortener should provide features for customizing the short links. Some of the important features that must be included are:

a] Name of shortened link

Shorter the name better it is, as it will reduce the load time and make it easier for users to remember.

b] Link type (A/B)

One way or another both types are used. A link can be clicked on directly without opening in a new tab while B redirects to an external website upon clicking on it, though this feature can be disabled too.

c] Custom domain support

The best shortener service should provide custom domains support so that your brand or business identity remains intact with your shortened url thus creating better branding possibilities!

  d] 301 / 302 Redirect Support    Websites change their links frequently, so a good shortener service should always provide 301 & 302 redirect support. These types of redirection will help you in making sure that your links never break and always serve the purpose they are intended for!     e] Bitly Like Stats

This is an important feature as this makes sharing easy. It also helps in tracking the performance of every link ensuring better optimization, avoiding duplication and plagiarism to a maximum extent!

  f] Custom QR code

QR code stands for Quick Response Code and can be scanned using any scanning software or app on your smartphone. Thus these codes make it easier for people to share URLs with others by simply scanning them and eliminating all hassles related to copy pasting and manual entry!    A good url shortener should provide the option of custom QR codes so that you can print them at anywhere and everywhere!

2] Analytics:

  an ideal shortener service must provide detailed analytics about every link. These may include

a] Number of clicks on each link

b] Time taken by users to click on the link

c] Country wise distribution of traffic     d] Referrer details e] Device type f] Browser g] Operating system h] Language If these options are available, it will be easier for sites with multiple content to track which one is getting more hits and which one is not. This would help them in properly optimizing their resources! 3) Security: A good shortener service ensure complete security of the links it creates to avoid data loss or any potential security risk. a] No substring Match        This is the most reliable option for creating short URLs. In this method, you should not add anything after the shortener service URL. For example: If your chosen shortener service is matchurl and you type in "matchurl" as the key, it should generate a link that needs no substring matching !

b] Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1)          Matchurl uses SHA256 algorithm to ensure complete safety of all links created with us! c] Custom Validation         Matchurl allows users to manually validate their shortened links so that they can be sure about its accuracy before sharing them on social networking websites. Thus just by clicking on the link, you can view its destination! 4) Easy Integration: Matchurl provides easy integration with third party applications using simple OAuth2 protocol. Thus this super-fast service offers secure authentication which saves time and resources both.     Matchurl is a reliable URL shortener service that ensures complete safety of all links it creates by applying industry standard security methods including SSL Encryption, SHA256 hashing algorithm & Custom Validation ! Matchurl even supports custom domains so that your brand or business identity remains intact with your shortened url thus creating better branding possibilities! Matchurl also provides detailed analytics about every link created to ensure optimization, avoiding duplication and plagiarism to a maximum extent! Matchurl recognizes the importance of customization in today's dynamic business environment so we offer Match QR Code to help users share links easily without any hassles. Matchurl also supports 301/302 redirect support for websites that change their links frequently! With Matchurl, you can not only shorten your URLs but also track them conveniently using detailed analytics. To know more about Matchurl's unmatched services please click on the button below to register or login now !   

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Thanks for reading this article; I hope you found it helpful! Do not hesitate to comment if you have any questions! I would love to hear feedback and constructive criticism. Cheers, Matchurl Team***In

order to choose the best link shortener for yourself, you must be aware of its features. Here is a list of key features that an ideal URL shortener must-have:

- Matchurl - Match url best url shortener

1. Speed and Efficiency of Shortening Link

As a user, this should be one of your prime concerns while choosing a link shortener. You don't want to waste your time waiting for a link to get generated, do you? If not, you need to consider ease-of-use on the part of the service providers when it comes to their link generation mechanism. Also make sure it can generate shorter URLs within an acceptable time frame--typically around 20 seconds or less on average! One feature you could look for is the 'shorten link' button. If it allows you to generate shortened links directly from your browser, that's a good sign!

2. Visibility of Tracking Data (If Applicable)

There are two kinds of shorteners: ones that don't disclose any tracking details and ones that do--and there's no in-between. If you're feeling particularly paranoid about online privacy or you're handling something highly sensitive, then consider using the latter type only. However, if this isn't much of an issue to you personally, why not use both kinds? That way you'll be able to shorten links without having to worry too much about anything else! You can simply pick one works best for each individual