Linkvertise # matchurl

Linkvertise # matchurl


What is Linkvertise?

Linkvertise a link shortener that works a little different from the rest. For instance, it does not have annoying pop-ups or layers and you will still get a good price for your links. If you are of German or Austrian origin then this service offers an opportunity to make easy money with your links.

Linkvertise was founded in 2009 at Munich in Bavaria but has since opened offices in Vienna Austria too. The company has earned its excellent reputation by giving the best services over the years which all their customers appreciate about them.

How do I earn money on Linkvertise?

There are several ways through which you can earn money on Linkvertise. They include: -         

- Getting money for every click Linkvertise gets from the links you post. This means that if a visitor to your link clicks and visits another website through it, then you will get credited with cash for this activity.

- You also earn credits when people visit the sites whose links you have posted. The more visitors who use your links to access these sites, then the higher will be your earnings as well as those of other customers like you. - If users sign up on Linkvertise using your personal referral link, then they will enjoy 10% bonus on all their earnings for life and 5% bonus on those of people they refer as well. You can either post short or long URLs or even email them, so that others know about Linkvertise.

- Linkvertise also has a section which is dedicated to affiliate marketers. Through this section, you can put up your advertisement links to products or services that are related to online marketing. For each visitor that accesses these sites through your link then you will earn cash as well as commission for the sale made by them on their visit. This means that it is one great way of earning money with Linkvertise and making money online with no stress at all!

Why use Linkvertise?

Linkvertise pays its customers more than most other link shortening services because: -         

- The site does not have pop-ups or annoying layers even when using it for free like most others do.- You get more credits for every click Linkvertise gets from people who visit the sites you have listed on it.- Every user of Linkvertise will enjoy a lifetime 10% bonus on all earnings and 5% bonus for those they refer.

- You also get paid whenever your links are used by somebody else to access any site linked to affiliate marketing. - There is an affiliate section where you can post links to advertise products related to online marketing and make money that way too.

- The minimum payout with Linkvertise is $10 which means that you can withdraw cash when there is enough money in your account without waiting long.

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