Limitations of Google URL Builder

Limitations of Google URL Builder


As I'm sure most of you know, Google provides a handy tool called URL Builder that lets you easily construct URLs for Adwords ad links without having to type out the entire link over and over. However, there are some limitations to using this tool. When building large numbers of ads, it can get cumbersome because the only way to change the destination site is by accessing the builder itself , which isn't always convenient or quick. Since so many people use Google's URL Builder, I thought it would be helpful to provide an alternative url construction tool that differs in a few ways from Google's:

The ability to switch between search engines at any time during the creation process . This is extremely useful when running campaigns on multiple search engines. The option to see your ads without actually launching them . This is helpful when you want to verify that the correct ad will open in the appropriate search engine. It saves time because you don't have to click on each individual link in order to ensure that all of your ads are working correctly. The ability to load multiple URLs at once so you can save time.

The full instructions for how this tool works are listed below. Enjoy!

To use Google's url builder, just type in the address of the site where you want your ad link to go into one text box, then copy & paste your unique tracking ID into another box below it. Then, select which search engine and country or language settings you'd like and hit "Go!"

Google URL Builder

To use this tool, type in the exact domain name of one search engine (one time) into the first text box below. Then, click on your unique tracking link that you want to build a url for and copy & paste it into the second box (without altering it). Finally, select either "Search Engines" or "One Search Engine" at the bottom of both boxes depending on whether you are running ads on multiple engines or just one.

When done correctly , clicking on your ad tracker should take you exactly where you want to go. Enjoy!

                                               Google's Adwords URL Builder

That's all there is to it! I hope this helps some of you out. If any of you have any problems, don't hesitate to comment below. Happy ad tracking!

***This tool is being updated constantly so please check back often for changes.* -Trevor*end of article*

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Google has recently introduced a great new tool that allows people to track their marketing campaign performance with ease. The catch is, you have to have a gmail account. This may seem like an inconvenience at first but once you realize the power of this single simple program it becomes clear that by using the same email for everything, your life gets all that much easier. I used to spend hours upon hours tracking down old emails & phone numbers just so I could send someone another quick marketing message or call them back about their current project, now it's as simple as visiting googles URL builder page and typing in all the details i need...

The benefits are obvious; No more looking up contact information everytime you want to send something out. You can just click on the URL's manager and everything is there, at your finger tips. Of course now you have to deal with those long & complicated links but its still much easier than having to dig through your sent box everytime you want to view a history of your messages or emailing each person/company individually...