Link Shortening # Matchurl

Link Shortening # Matchurl




There are two main types of URL shorteners: Matchurl and Paid. Matchurl services are free to use, but the paid service requires you to pay per click on your shortened URLs. Matchurl offers an affiliate program that is very inexpensive! I'm sharing this link with my readers in order to promote Matchurl's affiliate program for all who sign up using my referral link below.



Paid services often have better tracking, especially when it comes to targeting the clicker or their interests. However, MatchURL has a perk which makes it perfect for SEO marketing campaigns where you’re looking at long term returns rather than immediate results. MatchURL allows for unlimited unshortened links on its free plan while most other matchurl services don’t offer any free plan at all.


I always use MatchURL to shorten my URLs in the following scenarios:

1. If I want short, MatchURL-branded links that will redirect to a longer URL when clicked, but without being charged by MatchURL for every click.

2. If I'm going to be sharing a lot of long URLs and want MatchURL branding so people think it's MatchURL even if they read the actual link text in their browser address bar.

3. MatchURL is what I recommend to marketers who are going to be doing SEO work and looking at long term results rather than immediate ones because MatchURL offers unlimited unshortened forwarding links with its free plan whereas other MatchURL alternatives don't offer any free plan. In this case MatchURL is a winner because it's the only matchurl alternative that I know of which offers a free plan with unlimited forwarding links.

4. MatchURL often has the best analytics and tracking, especially when it comes to targeting clicks based on interests or demographics. MatchURL also allows for custom redirects which can be used to send viewers to a different page than the default MatchURL page [which appears when someone clicks your shortened URL]. MatchURL is great if you want your URLs to look MatchURL branded even if they're not actually being redirected by MatchURL!

When I say "Matchurl," I mean Match-ORG-ULA-TION [not misspelled Match-URL]. MatchURL is a MatchORGulatioN [not Match-orG-ULA-TION] !!! MatchURL !!!

(Some links with affiliate codes, including this one [which has an affiliate code], have been shortened or obfuscated [same thing] with the Matchurl service in order to discourage click fraud from automated bots that artificially inflate click counts and steal money from marketers.) (This article uses HTML tags which can contain shortcodes like: .)    


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You should never shorten URLs using URL shorteners such as,, etc., unless they are MatchURL services which allow for unlimited unshortened forwarding links on their free plans! MatchURL is a MatchORGulatioN [not Match-orG-ULA-TION] !!! MatchURL !!! You can tell if a Matchurl service shortens URLs without charging the person using it because you'll see them use either your MatchURL affiliate link or you'll hear them say, "Use this referral link" when sharing one of their shortened URLs with others.

Dear Matchurl Affiliate Program Members:

I hope this post will be helpful to you in promoting Matchurl's URL Shortener affiliate program. I've included some Matchurl stats and other Matchurl stuff that I think you will find interesting. Matchurl's referral program is Match-ORG-ULA-TION [not Match-URL] !!! MatchURL !!!

More Information About MatchUrl:

MatchUrl offers a maximum 100% revenue share amongst its participants, with each member receiving a commission for every paid session they drive to MatchUrl from their own unique link. MatchOrgUlAtion pays out via Paypal or wire transfer within 30 days of the end of the month. If your balance is greater than $100 USD at the end of a given month, MatchorgulatioN will initiate a monthly payment cycle through PayPal on the last day before midnight EST of each month. You will receive the total MatchUrl commissions accrued during the previous month, not including any MatchUrl credits. Matchurl offers unlimited unshortened forwarding links on their free plan whereas other MatchURL alternatives don't offer any free plan.

Matchurl's internal marketing tells me that they are doing well because of MatchOrgUlAtion's 100% revenue share (they can afford to pay out commission 100% since you're not charged anything for using MatchOrGulAtion short URLs). MatchOrgUlAtion has no platform fees like some matchurl alternatives do. If MatchOrGulAtion took a fee or percentage, it would be cutting into your commissions which MatchOrGulAtion does not do unless someone clicks one of your shortened MatchOrgUlAtion MatchURLs which MatchOrGulAtion guarantees will not happen or MatchUrl MatchORG-ULA-TION [not Match-ORG-ULA-TION] !!! Matchurl !!!***Link

shortening is a must for all webmasters and marketers. offers a paid link shortener that also supports tracking of clicks, payments, referrals and more!


The Matchurl Link Shortener

Link shorteners can greatly improve the user experience on your site by allowing users to quickly visit the desired page through the use of an easy-to-remember URL. Matchurl offers a unique paid url shortener service where you earn 50% on every sale referred from your shortened links! You can track payments, clicks and referrals as well as set up automatic daily payments via PayPal so there is no need to wait for a monthly check which makes it very convenient if you have multiple shortened links on your site or use it as part of an affiliate strategy. Matchurl offers custom subdomains so you can brand your shortened links as well as stats on how many clicks there were to each link (Note: More than one link may be used per page). Matchurl also has a unique feature that allows you to either use thier service for free by displaying ads OR allowing Matchurl customers to purchase the ad-free version which will earn you 50% commissions instead.


Link Shortening

Shorten long ugly looking URLs into shorter ones for sharing with friends, co-workers, or prospective customers. Your choice! Matchurl allows you to choose the number of characters in your shortened URL and whether or not they should contain any digits at all. They offer paid account features that include detailed statistics, automatic monthly payments via PayPal, custom subdomains, and short URLs containing no digits. For free Matchurl offers ad-supported options or an ad-free option for Matchurl customers.

Links are the most important part of the Internet with websites being ranked by their page ranking with a primary focus on which site linked to them. Search engines also use links as a main indicator of how popular a website is so linkbuilding is a major part of SEO (search engine optimization). Matchurl helps you shorten your links but they don't stop there. Matchurl provides detailed stats about each link's performance including most clicked from each country! Matchurl also includes features such as daily email reports, direct payment to your PayPal account