LinkPaid # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

LinkPaid # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


LinkPaid is a relatively new URL shortener as compared to most of the Adult URL shortener mentioned here but it is offering good rates and paying well to publishers. I have already received a couple of payments from it that you can check on its complete review page. They are quick in making payments as they paid me within 3 hours of request every time i requested a payment. 

Their staff is very supportive, you can contact them anytime and you will get a quick reply from them. It pays for worldwide traffic and their terms are liberal.

LinkPaid Payment Proof!

You can see my LinkPaid Payment proof below. You can verify this by searching my username 'ladmin' on their transparency given in sidebar or click  here to see my LinkPaid Payment Proof.

LinkPaid Paying Rate

The rate is $0.045 per 1000 impressions (i.e for each 1000 page views). If your traffic is below 10k, you will get paid minimum of $1 whereas if your traffic is above 100k, you will be eligible for payments upto $50. There are also other bonuses that help in accumulating more money at the end of the month into your account balance along with regular earnings from their revenue share program which has no upper limit on it. Recently they have added Torrent Bonus as well where cpm rates are doubled during torrent seeding hours. They are working on opening new countries to make their service available worldwide without any hurdles or restrictions.

You can register at LinkPaid using the link given below.

LinkPaid Referral Program

They have also started a referral program where you are rewarded with 10% of earning from any publisher that registers on LinkPaid after your referral. You can always track the number of publishers you have referrals for by visiting 'Referral' page given in menu bar or click  here . The maximum limit for referring anyone is 100, so hurry up!  

How to Register at LinkPaid?

If you would like to join LinkPaid and start making money through their website, simply click here . This will take you to their signup page where you will be required to fill some basic information about yourself and give your payment details. Once you have done that, submit your application and wait for them to review it. They will approve your account within 24 hours so you can start earning money from next day by sharing your links with others or sharing their links on social media sites, blogs etc. You can also see the registrations being accepted every hour in counter given in sidebar below this article.

What are my personal experiences with LinkPaid?

I have been using linkpaid since last month and they are very fast in making payments. I received my first payment of $2 within 3 hours of request time after receiving 2k traffic via torrents during seeding hours which is awesome! Recently they introduced Torrent Bonus where CPM rates are doubled during Torrent Seeding (12-5 AM). LinkPaid has different type of earning and referral programs and is a good and quick source of pocket money. I highly recommend you sign up for this URL shortener if you run any adult website or porn blog as they will pay per 1000 page views unlike other networks where per 1000 clicks are counted. They do not have any minimum threshold for payments as it completely depends on your traffic as mentioned previously.

Community Support (10/10)

Linkpaid's support is very responsive, i got reply from them within 3 hours after sending a message to customer support. Their support team is very supportive and cooperative.

Payment Proof:

You can check my payment proof here:

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How to Make Money from Adult URL Shorteners?

  In this section, i will show you some basic tips to grow your income through adult shorteners. These are by no means any guarantee but these can surely help you in increasing your earnings on an average though traffic is the main factor here , so let's start! Join Multiple Networks - If you still think that joining multiple networks is time consuming and not worth trying then stop thinking like that. You just need a few minutes of your day for following these steps, if you already have some accounts then it will be even easier for me. Just do this everyday without fail at least once per day and see what happens after one month . Log into all your accounts daily, check their status, check if there is any news related to these adult shorteners. Just click on 'RSS' button given below their logo in your dashboard account and you will be able to view the latest updates right away. You can also subscribe to their newsletter given below that button.   Post Your Links daily - Everytime i log into my accounts at least once per day ,i post one or two links from whatever network i am part of for seeding torrents or plain uploads. I usually check how much are they earning per 1000 page views/seeds/leads etc by visiting payperview sites like xtraprofit or pornhost . Once i know the amount of money they are earning, i usually post a link with higher rate. If you have already signed up at multiple networks and created accounts, posting links is very simple and easy and you can do it in just two minutes daily for each network without fail. Social Media - I am sure most of us are active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Why not use this site to test adult shorteners? You can use these sites to share your referral links or any other URL's given by members on these adult networks to get some extra earnings. MatchURL has 'Share'/'Email' buttons while others don't but you can always copy paste the link for all other networks. Rates for Matchurl is highest though i have seen some referring friends earning more from . Remember that social media sites are the best place to earn money from adult shorteners as per my experience most of traffic is coming from social media sites, they always include your referral link which helps you in earning more and also most of the times people will click on those links even if it brings them spam or redirects them to an unknown domain . It has been learned from my experiences that SMS/Text message sending programs like FreeSMS , MyFreeSMS etc can be used for this purpose since advertising rates are high compared to other methods mentioned above.

MatchURL Review - Best Adult URL Shortener So Far! MatchURL tops.