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ClickMeter # Matchurl



Matchurl is a paid url shortening service that protects your links and blocks spam. The best bit? You get paid every time someone clicks! 

"Matchurl is the first and only SEO link shortener that pays you for each click on its shortened links, which makes it very useful for anyone who wants to build their traffic and earn extra cash from the internet." - Mashable

Matchurl is not just a simple url shortener, Matchurl also helps with ranking via internal link structures as well as value-added support. It allows you to track performance of all your marketing links in one place so you can find weak points, high paying keywords and broken  links.  It allows you to compare multiple urls so you know which is the best or most effective.  Matchurl has a great customer support team, and updates are released often. The shortening service also offers premium urls that are not only shortened, but track performance as well.

"With Matchurl it makes sense to choose long-tail keywords for all your links." - Surefireseo

We pride ourselves on providing an honest, transparent link shorting service with high value added features to help you make money online. Our customers range from small websites trying to monetize their traffic, high traffic blogs looking to increase revenue, freelancers doing SEO work for clients, affiliate marketers who want more clicks and even offline business owners promoting their business online making sure they get the most return for their money.  Everybody wants more traffic and higher conversions, this is our goal too.

"Everybody wants more traffic and higher conversions, this is our goal too." - Matchurl

Matchurl gives you the best tools to help bring in visitors which will eventually lead up to greater sales. We know there are a lot of other shortening services out there that do the same thing, but we work hard everyday to provide exceptional service that has never been seen before.  We also have a very responsive customer support team available 24/7 if needed. To make it even better the premium url service continues tracking performance after your link expires! So what are you waiting for? Get started with Matchurl today!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

Also please leave a comment below this blog post letting me know what you think of the article. If it is good, I will publish another next week on my other shortener business! Stay tuned 🙂

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INTRODUCTION I have been running a micro niche url shortener called ViralURL since February 12th, 2012. Although I originally made some very serious mistakes when starting out with this url shortener service , which has cost me over $2,200 in earnings (and that's not even accounting for opportunity costs), I am now at break-even point and am hoping to start profiting within the next 3 months. I do not claim that I am the best at making money with this url shortener, but rather just want to share my experiences on what works and does not work for me so you can hopefully get some ideas on how to improve your own click income. To avoid writing a massive novel (or novella in this case) I will go through all of my results in steps starting with one strategy before moving onto another strategy, etc.. Some people may find it easier to jump around throughout different sections; however; there is some logical flow in terms of month order when reading this entire post. Feel free to read it in whatever way works for you :) My purpose here is simply to provide an example of how one person