POLR  # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

POLR # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


Polr is a URL shortener that I have been using for my own personal and blog posts. It seems to me like a rather unappreciated gem in the realm of URL shorteners, and I hope to spread some knowledge about it through this article.

First off we must understand what a URL Shortener actually does: A website's content lives on its domain name However, when you make an account on any one of these websites, your user profile needs a link back to your main page so people don't get lost trying to find where they navigated from originally - this is called a "vanity" link . In the past, links used to be as long as your arm. For example, mine was

It's a fairly long link that is used because it has all of the necessary nuggets of information within it:  The website name (@smorizio) The user name The specific post's location page number and numerical position in sequence (Status - 132433754739111680)

Why does this matter? Because you want the shortest possible option to share whenever given one or making one yourself! If given a choice between two different shorteners, would you choose the one with the longer or shorter option to share?

If you chose the shorter one, then Polr is for you. If you chose the longer one, great choice on staying with whatever service you're using already! Let's move on to why it's better than others.

It's well branded and easy to remember It does not require registration in order to use it It has a demo page that lets you try before making an account This allows us to understand how shorteners work by removing all of the technical jargon involved when setting up your custom shortener The audience can see exactly what type of link they are getting without any hidden catches It also automatically adds the "http://" at the beginning of every shortened URL which makes sharing much smoother - no extra hassle to add it yourself like most other shorteners It has a bookmarklet and an Iphone app (which is pretty much the bare minimum these days)

Let's get on with how to use it. Sign up for a free user name through this page: new Like any register-able website, you will need to fill out your avatar and some info about yourself before officially being able to create an account After your account is created, you can go ahead and log in using Polr's browser plugin - just right click on the address bar while surfing around and choose "Add URL Shortener" from the menu Scroll down until you find a box that says "Shorten a New Link" and paste your URL into the top box , choose a custom short name for it and click "Shorten Link" That's it! Keep in mind that if you have a lot of links to shorten, you can make shortcuts like this:

Right-click anywhere on any webpage and choose "Add Shortener" A prompt will ask you how to open it - just go with whatever is default A new tab should pop up with every link shortened! Great, now my entire blog post looks like this:

Here's what each part of the link means: p - @smorizio o - This is my username; if I wanted to share it myself on any other platform, I would have to have this info on it as well l - This is the specific post's title r - The shortened version of my original profile URL

And that's everything! Let me know if you need clarification on anything or if there are changes you think should be made. Thanks for checking it out and sharing :)

EDIT: If your link doesn't work, make sure you're using the plugin from polr.co/shortener . This is a good practice even if you're already logged into Polr, because their backup host will kick in until the primary one is back up again. In that case, check this page for updates on Polr's current status .

If it says that your link was unsuccessful, then try this: reload the page you're trying to shorten, change the short name , clear your cache and cookies for polr.co , open up developer tools (ctrl + shift + i) in chrome, check "Preserve log" on network tab and click refresh . This should help if any of these steps are confusing or unclear. If you need more clarification or have other problems with Polr - contact me directly. Thanks!