Pygmy #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

Pygmy #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


Pygmy is a free service that allows you to track statistics of shortened urls. For instance, it can tell you how many clicks each of your links received, or show you how many times they were shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Each url-shortener has its own analytics section, including data from all the short urls under a single-domain.

Currently Pygmy only supports the popular TINYURL and Bitly domains, but more may be added in future releases! Other features include:

Built using Flask - an extensible Python web framework  All code open-source & hosted on GitHub A simple command line interface

Pygmy runs as a self-contained web application with no external dependencies required, and has an optional command line interface (CLI) for advanced users and scripting.

The CLI supports all the same features as the web application and is a good alternative if you're looking to implement Pygmy in your own projects or scripts, but don't want to expose your api key/secret over the web. It also includes an 'update' mode which allows for updating your app while continuing to use it... Think: apt-get upgrade , brew update etc.

Requirements: Python 2.7 or 3.3+ Flask must be installed before running the app, but no other dependencies are required to run Pygmy from the web interface...

Installation & Configuration: To install Pygmy simply download and unzip the latest release archive from GitHub . The next step is to enter your api key/secret into . Your secret can be found on your TINYURL account page as explained here ... If you're using bitly then sign in & head over here . Fill-in all other fields as required by your domain of choice, then fire up a terminal window and type: .. code:: bash # Run the web interface python # Or run the CLI if you don't want to expose your secret over the web python

NOTE: If you run into errors & are using Google AppEngine, check out this link here...

Available Commands :    update - Update Pygmy without restarting it (TINYURL users only)    api_info - Display Pygmy's API key and secret.    stats [--domain=DOMAIN] [--date=YYYYMMDD] [--pretty] - View the analytics for a single domain.    url_stats --domain=DOMAIN --url=SHORT_URL   - Get statistics of a specific short URL.     Note: This will overwrite previous data unless you use the --pretty option.    domain_stats --domain=DOMAIN   - Get statistics of all short URLs under a single domain.    share [--twitter] [--facebook] [--googleplus] [--linkedin] - Share a link on one or more social networks.    Note: You can use the same command to remove shares as well.

Explanation : Pygmy is built using python and flask, which makes it easy & simple to run locally on your own machine as well as deploy on various platforms etc... To bootstrap the application for first time usage you must enter some configuration values into a config file ( from the command line/command prompt... Once configured, simply execute and you're good to go!

Does It Scale? : Yes it does, we use AppEngine for this project and i've written a blog post about the process here .. Thanks for reading, feel free to download the latest release from GitHub . If you have any comments or questions please leave them below... Special thanks to Joe Strout who wrote from which I got the idea for this project.. I hope this article was useful, see ya! - Pygmy Team

***Pygmy is an open-source python application that calculates the number of visitors on a given website. This number can be any kind of analytics, including page view counts or unique users per day. It's written in Python and uses MySQL for its database backend.

Pygmy also comes with customizable alerts to notify you when certain conditions are met, such as when your user count drops below/above specific numbers or if it changes drastically from one time period to another.

When Pygmy is used in production mode, you get statistics over time which are graphed using Plotly . These graphs are generated using Alabaster , so they can be customized to look however you want (See screenshots).