Rom # matchurl

Rom # matchurl

20.Oct.2021 is a newly started genuine url shortener site like adfly network. With you can share the shortened links with social media, friends, family, email, etc.

If you use this shortener with care (to not spam) and with real content (not only affiliate marketing), then you will earn good money from it after many views in a day or two days. This is one of the best URL Shortener service that pays well and most importantly its paying on time without any minimum threshold to cashout your earnings (although there is no fee for withdrawal).  

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This network provides up to $5.5/1000 views (minimum $1.5 for 1000 views). A good feature of this url shortener is that they count multiple views from the same visitor. So, this wonderful feature helps you to earn lots of money in a short time.

Here's a snapshot from my account:

Need more proof? Here you go: [ Screenshot 1 ], [ Screenshot 2 ] & [ Screenshot 3 ].

I have earned thousands of dollars till now with Adfly and other ad-networks, but this is unique among them because it pays for clicks and not views. So, even if you have 1 click (visitor) per day then also this network will pay you $1.5 at least (i mean minimum threshold payout). is a strong url shortener site with high CTR and Instant Payments to, so i highly recommend joining this url shortener site as it provides a great help in increasing your income...

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Link to this Post! Tweet In the past I have personally used several of these "alternative income" sources and one that I had success with is through Google Chrome Extensions. You can actually make a lot of money from developing a Google Chrome Extension even if your extension is not extremely popular or has no reviews. Here's an example of my most popular Chrome Extension with one review:

Ads by Google So a single one of these can earn you over $100 per month and if your extension is popular, the income from it could be even more. I know that may not seem like a lot but once you have multiple extensions earning money for you, the revenue adds up very quickly. Ads by Google The best part about this is that all of this should be available to anyone who has at least some experience in programming since you do not need any specific tools other than Sublime Text which is an extremely easy to use editor for this purpose. You can also use Atom, WebStorm or any other programming IDE that you feel comfortable using to program Chrome Extensions. I have personally created more than 20 extensions so far and currently have 10 online with some earning me as much as $100 per month which is pretty good especially if your goal is to earn money passively instead of actively. As soon as you are ready to publish the extension on the Chrome Store, it usually takes 24 hours for Google Chrome review team to approve your extension but once approved, you'll be able to publish updates within minutes without having them wait in review queues. If you wish to learn more about creating extensions then check out the official documentation here: You can also check out the documentation by installing Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) via Google Chrome which you can then access from View -> Developer -> Developer Tools. The JavaScript console comes very handy when debugging your code so definitely don't forget to check it out. Once you have completed your first extension, I'd suggest trying to improve upon its functionality and create more extensions until they bring in enough revenue for you to cover all of your expenses including rent/mortgage, food, entertainment etc. With that being said, if you're looking for simple concepts to work on once you reach this stage then my most popular extensions are currently:1. 'No More 404 Errors' Extension 2. 'Blank New Tab Page Extension' 3. 'I Love New Tabs Extension' All of them have been reviewed by a single individual but still have decent traffic so the downloads/views should be good enough to generate some decent money. Keep in mind that not all Chrome Extensions are created equal and if you're looking for examples, extensions like AdBlock Plus won't really make much sense since it only blocks ads which doesn't help your bottom-line directly (but definitely helps users avoid annoying ads). If you wish to publish extensions then remember that they need to be useful and easy to use while providing at least some value for end-users. So try out different things and once you come up with an idea, start developing until it turns into something useful. Once again, I'd suggest visiting